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The Disciple-Making Minister

Biblical Principles for Fruitfulness and Multiplication

From his experience speaking to tens of thousands of Christian leaders in scores of countries over 30 years, David Servant has compiled in this book biblical teaching that addresses many important issues that Christian leaders face. However, the truths found in its 33 chapters can benefit any believer who reads them.

Family-Style Devotions

A Six-Month Family-Focus on Jesus’ Amazing Life

This family devotional centers on the life of Christ, touching most everything written about Him in the four Gospels. Each daily devotional includes questions for parents to provoke discussion with their children. Your family will be learning about Jesus together!

Forever Rich

Seven Scriptural Secrets to Financial Fulfillment

This little book contains the seven most important secrets to ultimate financial fulfillment—pearls of biblical wisdom that you can begin to apply immediately—on your path to becoming forever rich.

A Closer Look DVD Series

Sermon on the Mount

Join David Servant in Galilee near the very spot where Jesus preached the original Sermon on the Mount. Each half-hour segment is a verse-by-verse, in-depth examination of the heart of Jesus’ challenging and life-changing message. 

HeavenWord Daily

A Year of Growth Through the New Testament

HeavenWord Daily guides you through the New Testament following a chronological reading plan that will make your daily devotions even more enriching. HeavenWord Daily is not a fluff devotional, but rather a “motivational do-votional,” full of insight and inspiration. Get ready to grow spiritually!

Forgive Me

…for Waiting So Long to Tell You This

The truths contained in this short book can change your life, just as they have changed the lives of millions of people already. If you are searching for answers…feel like something is missing in you life…question what will happen after your death…then Forgive Me is a must-read.

Parables of Jesus DVD Series

Part 1

Join David Servant as he takes a closer look at nine of Jesus’ parables. This four-DVD set in an attractive compact case includes thirteen 30-minute teachings that were filmed in the Alaskan wilderness.

The Great Gospel Deception

Exposing the False Promise of Heaven Without Holiness

David Servant examines what the New Testament actually teaches about saving faith, God’s transforming grace, and “the holiness without which no one will see the Lord” (Heb. 12:14). He questions the modern gospel that has become so popular, but which often lacks essential truths contained in the gospel of the apostles.

Through the Needle’s Eye

An Impossible Journey Made Possible by God

David Servant considers everything that Jesus, as well as every author of the Old and New Testaments, taught in regard to stewardship. Although impossible by pure human effort, the journey through the needle’s eye is possible with God!

Parables of Jesus DVD Series

Part 2

Join David Servant as he takes a closer look at sixteen of Jesus’ parables. This four-DVD set includes thirteen 30-minute teachings that were filmed in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.