Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Recent Prophetic Dreams (How Should We Respond?)

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Pastor Dana Coverstone has made a stir in the evangelical world after publishing several videos describing vivid, supposedly prophetic dreams he’s had about 2020 and 2021. How should we respond to these dreams? Some take them very seriously. Others have renounced them as false and dangerous. David Servant shares his views on Pastor Dana’s dreams and how he believes Christians should respond to them. Learn more!

Pastor Dana Coverstone talking about his recent prophetic dreams

What Should We Think About Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Three Recent Prophetic Dreams?

The following excerpt is taken from a transcript of the video above.

We’re going to talk today about something that a lot of people are talking about. Three dreams that an Assemblies of God pastor in Kentucky had, one back in December and two more recently, I think in June, which have something to say about future events that will be occurring this Fall in the United States. And so it’s got a lot of people talking, Pastor Dana Coverstone actually recorded a video and I’d say it’s gone viral on YouTube. Last time I checked, it was like 1.2 million views.

And so it got the attention of a lot of people. And there’s been a lot of responses as well from pastors and other folks who have put their responses on YouTube and so forth. So I’m very interested in this, of course, I love all pastors who love the Lord Jesus Christ. And I think that Pastor Dana Coverstone certainly gives evidence that he’s one of those guys, I don’t believe he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s a part of a denomination called the Assemblies of God, which historically is a Pentecostal denomination. They are certainly not cessationists. They believe as do most Pentecostals that the Holy Spirit is still alive and well, and he’s still doing the things that he did back in Bible days.

And I realize of course, that amongst the Pentecostals and then the charismatics that there’s a lot of looniness, as well-meaning people in many cases, try to fabricate the supernatural and do all kinds of crazy things and prophesy and so on and so forth. But that doesn’t do away with the Bible and that doesn’t do away with the fact that God is alive and well, and His Holy Spirit is moving and historically the Holy Spirit has… Definitely there’s a biblical record of the Holy Spirit warning God’s people of what is to come so that they can take action. And that’s basically what the message of Pastor Dana Coverstone’s recent dreams has been.

So if you haven’t seen his YouTube video, then stop what you’re doing right now and go watch it, because I don’t want to rehearse the whole thing and I’m liable to, in some small way misrepresent what he saw and what he said in his video and so forth. So if you want to get it right from the horse’s mouth, you’ve got to get it right from Pastor Dana, okay? And he does seem like a very sincere guy and a man of God. So just don’t rehearse real quick and recount his dreams, he said that he had one back in December where he foresaw the Coronavirus invading the shores of the United States and a lot of people walk around wearing masks and lines up outside of hospitals and so forth. And then also at same time saw people protesting.

And so in his dream, he actually saw a calendar, I think flipping through 2020 January and then February and then in March this hand underlined March and I think tapped at three times saying like, “This is a significant month.” And then went to April and May and June and tapped that one three times. And so Pastor Dane interpreted that as during that time span between March and June, you’re going to see these things come to pass. And he said that he told some elders in his church about that dream back in December. So just to give some credibility to the fact that he’s not making it up after the fact.

So that’s very interesting. And of course, he shares that dream in order to set us up for the potential validity of a recent dream, dreams I guess, that he’s had foreseeing, again, this calendar going through 2020, but this time, the hand underlining when it came to September and tapping on it three times and then going October and November and the same thing pointing up at, but that this fist, I think he said smashed November. And what he saw in his dream was all hell breaking loose and the Washington DC up in flames and president Trump, nowhere to be seen and foreign troops in the capital, rounding up people in groups and so forth. And so golly, it’s a bit scary if it’s really from the Lord.

So let me start off just by saying that I believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and well, and God still loves His people and that He’s certainly historically warned people in the Bible, reading the Bible about the prophet Agabus who God used to forewarn the saints in, I believe it was an Antioch that there was a great famine coming. And so they took up an offering for the saints in Jerusalem and so forth. And so there’s just plenty of prophetic warnings in the Bible where God was trying to get his people ready. Oh, and I should also add that Pastor Dana Coverstone said that the word that he heard when he saw these terrible things about to happen was, “brace yourself”. “Brace yourself”, so get ready. And he advised his viewers to stock up food and to stock up guns and ammunition, I guess for protection because times are going to get so bad in September and October, and in November of 2020.

The Bible says, “Don’t despise prophecy, don’t despise prophetic honors, but test everything, examine everything carefully and hold fast to that which is good.” And so that’s what we want to do in this case. So we need to test the prophecies and test them whether they’re really valid. One of the tests that God gave to test a real prophet in the old Testament was see if what he says, what he predicts actually comes to pass. So I would say that we’re all going to be testing Pastor Dana Coverstone here in September and October, November. We’re going to find out for sure whether or not his dream was actually from the Lord or not, or if he does ate too much pizza that night.

And he himself says that you got to give him some credit for his humility, because he said in one place, and it’s basically, you can take this with a grain of salt, but he said, “I believe I’ve heard from the Lord.” And near the end though he says, “Believe it or not.” He said, “Wait to judge until the end of November. And if none of this comes to pass, then you can tell me, ‘You didn’t hear from the Lord this time.'” So he’s open to the possibility that what he got in his dream was not necessarily a dream from the Lord. I thought it was interesting that Pastor Dana said early on his video, that he’s an avid reader and that he reads about 40 newspapers every day.

Now I’m sure he doesn’t read 40 newspapers in their entirety every day. And I think he alluded the fact that he’s not just reading US news, but news sources from around the world, because sometimes you get a different perspective and he felt like that was more accurate. But that’s an amazing thing. And he said, “I’m very well read, and again, I’m assuming he’s reading headlines and then following what interests him, he must spend hours every day, reading newspapers. I found that sometimes when I remember dreams that I have, they are related in some way or another with what I’ve been meditating on during the day or the days that led up to the time when I can remember my dreams. I rarely remember my dreams. And they say, we dream every night all the time, but most times you don’t remember them and that’s me.

But I was thinking to myself as I was listening to Pastor Dana, that he’s been thinking about world events, he is watching the Coronavirus hit the headlines way back in, well, it hit China in December, the Coronavirus and then in January. And so there was little doubt at that point in time that this thing was going to circle the globe, that it was a raging pandemic. I’m recording this right now in the mid July of 2020, and it has subsided some, but it seems like some of the news is saying that the cases are increasing. We’re going to get a second dose of this because people aren’t social distancing enough, I suppose.

Regardless just because you have a dream doesn’t mean it’s from the Lord, even if it’s a warning dream. And it’s very clear that Pastor Dana is very much into world events and thinking about it quite a bit, if he’s reading 40 newspapers, right, every single day. And so that could be a reason for his dreams and it could just be a part of his own imagination. Now what tends to make us think that maybe there’s some validity here and may I just pause and say, my standard little lesson is about eight minutes but this time we’re just going to go on, okay? And some people will stop watching when they get bored.

So it’s something that makes Pastor Dana’s dreams so interesting is he had this dream in December, he specifically was pointed by this finger to the months of March, let’s see, March through June, I believe it was. And of course, that’s when the Coronavirus hit the United States and so forth and that’s when the Black Lives Matter protests after George Floyd was killed there in Minneapolis. And so you think, “Wow, he saw that in advance.” And so now he’s had another dream. In fact, he said, I think he said, he heard the words part two, and it was very similar. He sees this calendar in this hand and it’s pointing to September, October, November.

So what should we think about this? Should we be storing up food and should we be buying guns and ammunition? And will there be, and this is what Pastor Dana said he saw in his dream, Chinese and Russian soldiers in America. And he also saw, I think he said the blue helmets of United Nations troops, because they were peacekeeping troops and so forth. And that could be the explanation perhaps that why there’d be foreign troops here just like sometimes the United States has as part of UN peacekeeping troops in volatile parts of the world.

I tend to be a skeptical person because after 40 some years of hearing people predict what’s going to happen and often predicting things that are cataclysmic in nature. And I can remember the book 88 reasons why Jesus is going to come in 1988, I think that was it or something and then the guy revised it to say, “Oh, I missed it by a year.” And the lesson to be learned in all of those is a wait and see, wait and see. And those people who make those bold predictions that don’t come true, they then suffer the loss of their credibility. And no one’s going to listen to them on their predictions any longer.

But again, Pastor Dana sounds so sincere, he doesn’t come across as one of those flaky TV guys who was getting rich off of scaring people. I would have preferred myself, that if the Lord wants to warn the entire body of Christ in the United States of America, because God… If what Pastor Dana is saying is going to happen is going to happen, well, we would want to be ready for that. And in some way, shape or form to be preparing if nothing else just psychologically. But I would have liked if the Lord had used somebody or a group of people, at the same time all had the same dream or something, or someone who has an established track record in a prophetic ministry.

Agabus in the New Testament was certainly like that, right? I mean, he pops up a couple of times and acts and everybody believed what he had to say because he was never wrong. And I think what concerned me the most about Pastor Dana’s presentation there, as I watched is that he made a disclaimer at the end saying, “Well, if this doesn’t come to pass, then you can go ahead and call me the fool.” He didn’t say it like that, but he said something to that effect. And so he was leaving room for the possibility that, that he hadn’t heard from the Lord. Well as I studied prophecy in the Bible, the prophets in particular, and again, Pastor Dana is not claiming to be a prophet. He says that, he’s claiming to be a pastor who had a dream, but still he’s claiming to have had three prophetic dreams.

God is very much able to clearly communicate without leaving anybody guessing. Oftentimes, in the Old Testament, you find the prophets saying, “The word of the Lord came to me saying,” and so they heard actually an audible voice and they just then spoke it out verbatim and wrote it down and we have it in the Bible. So no prophet was saying, Well, this is what I think the Lord’s saying, and if I’m wrong you can all call me a fool, if it doesn’t come to pass.” No, they were absolutely certain. So it just seems to me that if there’s going to be Russian and Chinese troops on American soil, even in the form of UN peacekeeping troops, Pastor Dana saw Washington burning and many other major cities burning. So he’s predicting all-out riots.

And of course, he tied this in alluded to the fact that November is the election. And I think we all know that no matter what happens in the election in November, there’s going to be some people who are going to be upset regardless, right? And there’s going to be, there’s going to be some protests, I don’t think you have to be a prophet to figure that out. And the Coronavirus thing, as I’m recording this in mid July, it doesn’t seem like it’s going away. It seems like at least some news sources that I’m paying a little bit of attention to that more and more people are getting it. And there are areas in the country that are going into taking more drastic measures to try to slow the spread of it down.

And I view that, the Coronavirus definitely as a warning to our nation and to the world, calling people to repentance and to turn from their evil and to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and receive the free salvation that he offers through repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Well, maybe I should get some ammunition, it looks like someone in the field is doing some target practice. Oh, gracious. Okay. So anyways, for the record, I’m not storing up food and I’m not stocking up on guns and ammunition. I am not persuaded that Pastor Dana has had a dream from the Lord God. I think he’s had a vivid dream that has been brought up like so many of our dreams are through the imagination because of what he’s been feeding on and I’m meditating on.

And I think that, if you don’t believe me, I’m going to say exactly what Dana said, and God bless him if he’s watching this right now, I do love your brother. Wait and see, wait and see, there’s going to be trouble, right? There’s always trouble coming. And you think, “Well, we’re living in such unusual times.” Well, yeah, there’s somewhat of an ebb and flow and depending on how much the media highlights different things, and the political agenda, different people, they will want you to think that everything’s so terrible and the world’s about to end. And that helps them with their agenda, to get elected and so forth.

So anyone who prophesies or predicts that there’s trouble coming, and there’s going to be unhappy people, and there’s going to be disease. I mean Jesus said in the end times that there’s going to be a lot of distress in the nations and I do believe that if we’re not in the end times already, we’re certainly getting close. And I’m sure that a Pastor Dana Coverstone would agree with that, because I think he’s a, he’s a guy that studies the Bible and he’s looking for the return of Jesus Christ. And he knows that before that happens, there’s going to be a lot of distress among the nations. Okay. All right. So that’s my longer little lesson for today. Thank you so much for joining me. God bless you.

How Should We Respond to Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Recent Predictions About October 2020?

The following excerpt is taken from a transcript of the video above.

We’re going to talk today once again for the second time about Pastor Dana Coverstone’s recent prophetic dreams. And if you’ve followed them at all or if you watched the first video that I did about this about two months ago, Pastor Dana had a couple of dreams in June which he went public with and in which he claimed that the Holy Spirit showed him what was about to happen in September and October and November of this year in the United States.

And specifically he saw calendar months in his dream and it went through, I guess, June, July, August, but in September the finger tapped three times or underlined September, tapped three times, and then October I think did the same thing and November did the same thing. But then this fish smashed November and Pastor Dana saw a number of scenes in that dream which to him were indicative of what was going to happen, specifically the chaos that was going to ensue in November of this year. And so I did my best to, as the Bible says examine everything carefully and do not despise prophetic utterance but hold fast to that which is good. And I did confess my skepticism about what Pastor Dana said he thought the Holy Spirit revealed to him through these couple of dreams.

Now, there has been a degree of credibility that has been perceived with Pastor Dana because he also talked about dreams that he had back in December of this year which foretold of the pandemic, as well as the Black Lives Matter protests and so forth, and that he foresaw all that and told some men in his church about it. And lo and behold, just as he had seen in the dream the calendar going through January, February, and then tapping March and April, May and June, and that’s when the coronavirus broke out and that’s when the black lives matter stuff broke out.

And so that gave him the confidence to believe that he heard from the Lord. And now he’s had two more dreams in June and he related those and they were predictive of September, October, November, same thing, seeing calendar, the months of a calendar and pointing and underlining and so forth. And so if you didn’t see the video that I’d done, if you could just stop right now and try to find that on YouTube. Just type in David Servant and Dana Coverstone or something, and that’ll probably bring it to you, then you’ll know where I stand.

And I did confess that I was quite skeptical that Pastor Dana had actually had dreams from the Lord. Now, can we all just agree here that just because we have a dream doesn’t mean it’s from the Lord, all right? Can we all admit that? Everybody has dreams every night, most of the times we don’t remember them, but not every dream is from the Lord. If I thought every dream I had was from the Lord I’d have to conclude the Lord is insane. And I say that with all respect because my dreams sometimes I’ve been absolutely crazy. And just because we have a scary dream doesn’t mean that it’s from the Lord, because people have scary dreams all the time that are not from the Lord. And just because people have wild metaphorical dreams that doesn’t mean they’re from the Lord.

And I may know that, last time that many times our dreams can be traced to what we’ve been meditating on or what’s really heavy on our hearts throughout the previous day. And because our dreams are related to what we’ve been meditating on and I pointed out the fact that Pastor Dana said himself that he reads 40 newspapers a day. Now I can’t be reading 40 newspapers in their entirety, but obviously he said, “I’m well-read,” he’s obviously studying current events and very interested in them and obviously from a biblical prophetic standpoint.

And so he’s one of those guys, and he’s a pastor, he’s a sincere good man of God. He’s been serving for 29 years in ministry within the Assemblies of God denomination, a fine denomination and there’s no doubt that Pastor Dana is a good man and that he’s really sincere. But he did say that… He’s obviously really into this and to him he’s convinced that he’s hearing from the Lord and he sees this white figure up here and he believes it’s the Holy Spirit in his dreams and oftentimes this white figure says, “Brace yourself, brace yourself for what is to come.”

And one of the dreams that Pastor Dana had in June, he felt that that was a confirming thing because he said their church was getting ready to have a yard sale in actuality I believe, to raise money for a short-term mission trip, I think he said to Ecuador. And Pastor Dana himself is well-traveled, he said he’s been I think to 40 countries or so, so… A good guy, he cares about the world. But he said in the dream he went to the bank to get change for a $10 bill so he could make change at the yard sale. Again, I believe he said this is a yard sale that they were actually going to be having so there you go on meditating on the yard sale, thinking about that and then he has a dream about it.

But in this dream he goes to the bank, there’s the bank president and the bank president tells him, “Sorry, there’s no change. Get ready for hyperinflation and before long there won’t be any ones or fives either.” And so Pastor Dana took that as a sign that there’s hyperinflation coming but also that there would be a coin shortage. And then lo and behold, shortly thereafter the United States is experiencing a coin shortage. Now, it’s not actually a coin shortage it’s a coin circulation problem because of the economy and different small businesses not operating and so on and so forth and people staying away because of the coronavirus.

And the so-called coin shortage, which again, there is no coin shortage, there’s more coins out there, U.S. coins, nickel quarters, there are millions of dollars of more, I think hundreds of million dollars more than there was a year ago but it’s being people are just holding it. It’s not in circulation so that’s the problem. It has absolutely nothing to do with inflation or hyperinflation that the government is eliminating these coins because they’re going to be worthless and the government knows that. And then the next thing is ones and fives. I wouldn’t take the “coin shortage” in America as a confirmation that Pastor Dana has had another prophetic dream confirmed. I would say it’s coincidentally, perhaps, but it’s not proof positive, so be that as it may.

I said exactly what Pastor Dana said. He said, “Well, if you don’t believe it just wait until December 1st.” Because his prediction was all about September, October, November, and November is when the chaos really broke out. And he said, “So just wait.” And so I said the same thing, “We’ll just wait and see.” Now, he did recommend that we store up food and that we store up silver and gold and we by guns and ammo and so forth because of how bad things are going to get in September, then October and then November is when it really, again, that’s when the fist hit the calendar. So get get ready for that and he’s repeatedly said that.

That’s what I said and I expressed my skepticism in his dreams. I’m not doubting the sincerity or that he had dreams, I’m doubting if they’re from the Lord, because we can all agree that not every dream, not every wild dream, not to be a scary dream, not every apocalyptic dream, not every metaphorical, apparently metaphorical dream is from the Lord. All right, it could be, sure. This all happened when Pastor Dana said himself that he was teaching a series in the church on dreams and visions. So again, meditating on that, studying for sermons on that and now he’s having some dreams that he believes are from the Lord.

Since then, that was two months ago when I made my video about that and gave my commentary for what it’s worth. And may I also say again that like that video this is going to be a longer than normal video. My Little Lessons usually lasts eight to 10 minutes, this one I’m going to dive into a little bit deeper, okay? Since then Pastor Dana has come out with a number of other videos, at least three or four very significant videos, one in which he gives specific prophetic predictions based on dreams he’s had of what’s going to happen on October, and then also November, and also December and January.

And he himself said in one of those videos, I watched all of them and I took notes very closely, and he said his dreams are becoming more apocalyptic. Indeed when you listen to them they certainly are. And so in this video, I’m just going to cover the dream that he had regarding October and I’m looking down because I’ve got my laptop here and I made some notes about what he said is going to happen in October.

And this dream that he had was sometime shortly after August 10th. So he’s, early August, he’s got August, September, but then he talks about October. In this dream he saw, he said the month of October and this is the consistent thing, seeing a calendar month and a finger. Once again same theme, a finger. It pointed at October and then it pointed at the second week and the finger dragged through the second week and went to the third week and it dragged through the third week as well. And then it went down to October 31st and held the finger there on October 31st. So these are the significant dates, the second and third week of October and then October 31st which happens to be, I think that’s Halloween. Not that it makes a big difference to me.

And the first thing that he said he saw, he saw federally-elected officials, people that he recognized, as well as specific state governors as well as agency leaders, as well as radicals, the kind that you said you’d see in Portland or Seattle or Minneapolis, these protesters, and so forth. And these anarchists, these rioters, these people that are destroying property and people’s livelihoods and so forth. He saw all these different people and they all he said had wicks on their head like, like a candle wick. And I think he really meant, and it would have been better stated, fuse. Because he said that even though he recognized the faces of different federally-elected officials and agency heads and so forth state governors, but their heads were shaped somewhat like firecrackers, as well as the rioters.

And in the second week of October, he said in the second week of October, all these fuses were lit on fire on these four categories of people. And the fuses burned down, the wicks burned down and then they all blew up at the same time. He said everyone’s heads blew up at the same time, and it subsequently started fires all around them. So the symbolism is very obvious that in the second week of October, we’ve seen protests but we’re going to see massive, massive… to a much greater degree the conflict is going to escalate between government officials and these protesters. You’re going see, he said, “It’s going to explode.”

Isn’t that the metaphor of a firecracker exploding, the head’s exploding isn’t that the case? And starting fires. We’re going to see a lot more turmoil, conflict in the United States in the second week of October. And then he said that among those protestors, the more violent ones actually attacked and persecuted the more passive ones saying, “You’re not violent enough,” and so egging on their fellow less violent protesters to become more violent. And so now we have a growing number and a greater escalation among the passive protesters to become more violent.

And then attacks on the elderly, those who hold to the constitution and the Bible as being dear and important and so forth. He saw attacks directed towards the elderly even to the point of these protestors going into nursing homes and attacking elderly people in nursing homes. That’s very specific. And from a natural standpoint Pastor Dana has really gone out on a limb because he specified the dates and told us what’s going to happen during the second week. So now we don’t have to wait until the end of November and beginning, December, we only have to wait until the second, I guess, and the third week of October to watch for this. All right.

He also saw then a huge $100 bills, this is also metaphorical, like a flag on a flag post but it being lowered and also that $100 bill being on fire. And Pastor Dana even said it’s the death of the dollar. And as it lowered people were weeping because they who love the dollar and those who had dollars were seeing the value of the dollar decline. And he said when it got to the bottom it was one third the size that it had been when it started. And so during the second and third week of October we can expect to see the value of the U.S. dollar decline by two thirds.

Again, that’s the standpoint, we’re really going out on a limb here and my skepticism only increases because I certainly understand that the dollar has always been going down in value but not so precipitously in just a week or two weeks time. He also said some people rejoiced over that fact, the anarchists and so forth and those who will want to see America fail and fall were happy to see that the dollar lost so much value. And again in the metaphor of the dream clearly it’s two thirds.

Pastor Dana also saw then puffed up prosperity preachers who were slurring their words like they were drunk but they slowly then had, their clothes began to come off of them until they were naked and exposed before everybody. And he’s had to remind them of the emperor’s new clothes story. And then he also saw a giant rug, it was underneath all the prosperity and it was pulled out from under them and they all flipped back and then they fell naked. And when they fell they bit their tongues and pieces of their tongues broke off and so forth. And so it was a clear metaphor for the exposure and the fall of prosperity preachers.

And I think he explained, and I maybe stand correct on this but there was a connection there. When the economy dies, when the American economy dies, the dollar has got a third of the value it has, well, then everybody has a third less money then because what you have is worth one third of what it used to be. That exposes the prosperity preachers that that’s all a bunch of baloney that you’re going to prosper because everyone is just not prospering and just the exact opposite. So that’s what we’re going to see in the second and third week of October, that’s the end of all the prosperity preachers. We don’t have to wait again till the end of November, we can look for this in October and we’ll know then whether Pastor Dana is actually getting dreams from the Lord.

And then finally he said that he saw clowns in suits who were pouring oil in front of election venues and who distracted and intimidated people from voting. And that could have been reference to the holding the finger on October 31st, because that’s just a few days before the election. He put clown so that’s obviously metaphorical, there’s not going to be clowns at the polls. But from God’s standpoint, at least according to Pastor Dana’s dream, these are clowns who are trying to hinder the election process.

And then the last thing he said he saw, or he heard I think it was, the words Passover 2021, so this is a prediction now into spring of next year. Big things are coming to the world, that’s a very vague, right? Big things are coming to the world, but that was part of what Pastor Dana related. And then the white figure appeared and said, “So brace, brace, brace yourselves and don’t look back.” And that’s a common theme.

Now, in the subsequent video we’ll talk about the November and the December predictions. But I want just to cover the October ones because if the October ones don’t come to pass, well then a pretty good chance then November and December and the January ones and the Passover ones aren’t going to come to pass as well. And so anyone find fault with that kind of a test? If a prophet speaks and Pastor Dana is not claiming to be a prophet, he’s claiming to be a pastor who’s a watchman on the wall, whatever, he’s making predictions and saying that he believes it’s the Lord inspiring him. If they don’t come to pass we can all know.

Now, having been a believer for 40… Excuse me, in vocational ministry for 41 years I’ve I’ve seen everything, I think I’ve seen this a lot of times. I’ve seen a lot of people get worked up in prophecy and you can see how the themes, and we’ll cover this more in the subsequent videos, the themes that Pastor Dana is talking about fit right in to the current situation. Of course a lot of people are worried about the coming election, they are worried about the pandemic still, they are worried about the riots and the protesters and the racial tension and so on and so forth. And so these prophetic dreams really, really, really play into that.

And so Pastor Dana’s first video went viral, and I looked for them online and so forth, on YouTube and he’s got these other ones, but other people have copied and pasted them and other people are talking about it, other people are interviewing him and so forth. And he comes across as a guy who isn’t seeking any favor or fortune and I totally believe him, I believe he’s totally sincere. But I’ve seen this kind of thing before, in the end it just does more harm than good although it might stir people up.

And I appreciate Pastor Dana in this regard that he’s a man of conviction and of holiness, and believes that we ought to be letting our light shine. And one of the current common themes in his dreams is the church rising to the occasion. And so I think he’s a good-hearted man and it is probably stirring people up and so forth to get serious, which is great. However, in the aftermath of these things it does more harm than good because you’ve got a lot of people who put their faith in these properties and then they don’t come to pass, or these dreams they don’t come to pass and they disillusioned.

People that are very young or weak in the faith sometimes just say, “Well, this Christianity is just a bunch of nonsense,” young believers who don’t have much maturity. And then of course we have the watching world who’s watching all the global Christians buy into this stuff and buy food and buy guns and buy silver and gold preparing for the apocalypse and it doesn’t come to pass. And so it causes the entire church to lose credibility, it actually hurts the gospel and so that’s the greater concern, that’s why I’m talking here.

The Bible says again, “Do not despise prophetic utterance.” We’re not despising it, we’re talking about it. It says, “Examine everything carefully and hold fast to that which is good.” I’m not holding fast to these dreams of Pastor Dana because I don’t think that they’re really from the Holy Spirit. And the big test will be, let’s say that I prove to be right, okay, there is a chance, right? What will all the folks do including Pastor Dana?

If at all the folks who have been interviewing him and talking about this as if it’s like we’re reading from the Bible, that this is revealed truth from the Holy Spirit, what will they do then? I’ll tell you what some of them will do. They’ll say, “Oh, we just missed it by one year. It’s not October of this year, the Holy Spirit showed me it’s October of 2021. And so that gives them a year’s time to try to maintain some bit of credibility before October of 2021. And then it doesn’t come to pass and they just kind of fade.

What’s really amazing are the people who after these kinds of things are shown to be bogus they don’t come to pass, we just go on like they never said anything. They just pretend like it didn’t happen and that they never endorsed it, and they never were promoting it, and they never believed it. It’s just whoop, let’s not talk about that. Well, it would be better to show a little integrity in those cases and say, “Hey, I blew it and would you all forgive me?” And that’s what I’ll be saying if the dollar has one third of its value by the third week of October I’ll make a video and say, “Oops, I missed it entirely and Pastor Dana had dreams from the Lord.”

Okay. We’ll talk next time about subsequent prophecies and look at some of the details there and I’ll share again why I’m having difficulty believing that they are really inspired by the Holy Spirit, okay? Until next time, may the Lord bless you.

How Should We Respond to Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Recent Predictions About November 2020?

The following excerpt is taken from a transcript of the video above.

If you were with us on our last little lesson, which wasn’t little, it was long, we took a look at Pastor Dana Coverstone’s prophetic predictions for October of 2020. If you missed that one, I would encourage you to search for that video on YouTube and watch that one before you watch this one. Okay. But Pastor Dana is causing quite a stir because of these dreams that he has, and he’s having them with tremendous regularity. He says that he gets glimpses and dreams. It’s like a movie trailer one night, but the next night it might be bigger and longer. And after so many nights, he has a bigger picture of what the Holy Spirit’s foretelling. Quite frequently it’s all prefaced with him saying he sees a calendar month or months and a finger pointing or tapping on the calendar to take notice or pointing to certain dates. In October the finger pointed to the second and third week of October.

Pastor Dana made some very specific predictions claiming by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit from these dreams. Then also a finger stopped at October 31st. So everyone knows that in November, that’s the election. Everyone knows that this is going to be an election to remember, and it could be disputed because of all the special factors about this election. So, it could drag on. We’ve had some elections that have dragged on that have been disputed in the past. Pastor Dana’s dreams are really, really playing into people’s fears and people’s trepidation about what apparently looks like is going to happen. You know, we’ve got the pandemic still, we’ve got unrest in cities and racial tension, and we’ve got death of a Supreme Court justice now, and the appointing of a new conservative judge by President Trump. Tensions are high, but if you’ve never been in a time in American history when there’s been turmoil, this all seems so frightening to so many people.

But those of us who are a little bit older, we have seen some things. One of my earliest memories was the announcement of the assassination of the president of the United States. Can you imagine that happening today. Okay. Well it happened. John F. Kennedy, 1963. I can still remember it. I was just five years old at the time. Then the assassination of Martin Luther King, you’re talking about racial tension at different times in the history of our nation and riots and cities burning and government forces shooting at protestors. I was alive during the Kent State shootings and the Watts Riots and all that stuff, the peace protests of the ’60s, the Vietnam War. I’ve seen a few things as anyone in my age who’s lived here has. So, we’re not quite maybe as concerned about the current events as some folks are who have maybe not had quite so many years of experience.

In any case, I’m looking down here because I made some notes from … I watched Pastor Dana’s then subsequent videos that he’s made since his June video that went viral. In this little lesson, we’re going to look at a dream that he had around August 17th, in which he believed it was revealed to him in the dream, what’s going to happen in November. We all know there’s going to be an election and he knows there’s going to be an election. Right. We all know it’s going to be an election unlike many elections. Okay. We got a president that’s a little different than what we’ve had in the past. The polarization in our nations seems like it’s at an all-time high. Okay.

So let’s discuss this and let’s see, that’s what the Bible says, “Don’t despise prophetic utterance,” Paul wrote, “Examine everything carefully.” That’s what we’re doing. Hold fast to that which is good. Which another way of saying that is discard stuff that doesn’t seem like it’s really authentically from the Lord. Pastor Dana, in his dream or glimpses followed by dreams that occurred over a couple of nights, he once again saw the calendar. This time it was November, the month of November. He said it was bent, torn and dirty. So that’s obviously metaphorical for the fact that November’s going to be a rough and dirty, tumultuous month. Then there comes the hand as always, and it circles November 3rd. I think he said it went counter-clockwise then it went clock wise, whatever that means. There’s the election. He saw once again, something he had seen before, cities on fire and get this, headlines that read Trump victory challenged everywhere. So he’s saying prophetically, Trump will win the election, but it will be challenged and major violent protests that are consequence of that. Crumbled, he said he saw, and burned out buildings in Washington, DC because of the writing and the unrest in Washington, DC.

Then a very metaphorical portion of the dream. He sees a Conestoga wagon. You know what a Conestoga wagon is? You know, the old covered wagon. The person who’s driving it is the the Democratic vice presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, or Kamala Harris. I’m not even sure how to pronounce her first name, but regardless, Mrs. Harris. She’s driving it and she’s got a whip and it’s pulled by two mules. Joe Biden is riding on the left mule, not the right mule. Joe Biden is riding on the left mule. Kamala’s whipping the mules, just trying to get them to speed up. Sometimes her whip hits Joe Biden, presidential candidate. He doesn’t even realize it. Beside Kamala Harris is a dynamite, a TNT detonator, like you’ll see in the cartoons, but copied off the ones with the plunger and the handle, and you push down on the box and then kaboom. That’s right there besides Mrs. Harris.

Then I think the cover comes off the Conestoga wagon revealing all of these. And he said, “Civil War looking cases of dynamite or TNT.” And she’s trying to speed up these mules heading in a certain direction. Lo and behold in that direction there’s President Trump. The metaphor is pretty clear. She’s going to go there and do something nefarious, blow up President Trump, I guess. But President Trump is not alone. He’s actually kneeling. Behind him is none other than Hillary Clinton. She’s holding a knife to Trump’s throat, and she’s giddy about it, according to what Pastor Dana saw.

So, this is what the Holy Spirit is supposedly revealing in this dream. Hillary has a gaudy ring on that has blood on it. She’s wearing a necklace with, I think it was a skeleton key or something that would, you know, bounce off of her. It left some kind of a mark reminiscent of the Nazis said Dana, what he saw. But Trump is able to like grab that key and pull her down and then give her an upper cut to her chin and she loosens her grip on him, and he runs from her. Oh, beside her is a bear trap, something like a bear trap. As they have a little tussle there, Hillary and Trump, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Hillary steps into the bear trap and she’s caught, and she’s all frustrated. Trump’s running towards his covered limousine. The secret service agents are there to protect him and circle around the limousine. He gets in and they start moving slowly off. But interestingly enough, the secret service guys are not wearing sunglasses like they always are, and they’re not holding modern weaponry. They’re holding muskets.

Now, have you ever had a wild dream? I’ve had some wild dreams. I didn’t think they were from God, you know? This is a wild one. Okay. Pastor Dana is going out on a limb because he’s got Trump winning the election and there being disputes over it. Okay. The Conestoga wagon driven by Mrs. Harris gets to Hillary, and there’s a big explosion. Oh, my goodness because Hillary’s caught there in the bear trap. A big explosion. The mules are blown up. Their carcasses going all pieces on the rubble of Washington, DC, and Joe Biden is laying face down on the street with tire tracks across his back and a vulture sitting on his head. Harris is crying. Well, I mean, pretty clear metaphor there. This is the great humiliating defeat and destruction of the lead Democrats, including the presidential and the vice-presidential candidate.

Then Pastor Dana related in that same video that on August 21st, that would be a few days later from when he had this dream, he saw the white figure again. It said, “Ready or not nation, here it comes, brace yourself.” Then, get this, on August 24th on the November calendar, there was a large, bright white light in the sky and excuse me, I should say at this point in time, my little lessons normally don’t go this long, but I’m going to go until I finish this one. Okay. So bear with me. So there’s this great white light in the sky and then there’s total darkness. In the next morning, there’s stillness and quietness over the entire country. There’s many desperate people who are huddled and shivering in large emergency shelters. He sees headlines that read shock and awe in the US. That phrase shock and awe, I don’t know if you remember that, but that was a phrase I think it was George W bush used, or somebody used the government during the time of the Iraq War when the United States went to battle against Iraq as they had invaded Kuwait. Someone said, I think it was the president, “They’re going to get shocked and awed because of our military precision and all the bombs and missiles and so forth.” And so the connotation is clearly military and shock and awe in the US. So, something military seeming like happened.

Now I watched Pastor Dana on an interview and the guy who interviewed him said, “What do you think that is?” And he said, “I don’t know. I don’t try to interpret my dreams.” He said, “Maybe a meteor or something hit and caused widespread depression.” The interviewer said, “Well, I’ll give you my thoughts on it.” He said, “I think it was nuclear suitcase bombs going off.” Anyways, hold that thought.

Another headline that Pastor Dana saw was UN steps in to help host the nation. So things are in such bad shape in the United States that UN peacekeeping troops are in our nation to keep the peace and order. Remember, in Pastor Dana’s original vision in June, he said he saw Russian and Chinese soldiers in Washington, DC, and they were rounding up different groups of people and securing quadrants, he said. So, is the same thing once again, where the UN has stepped in to try to bring some semblance of order into the United States. He said, “The nation was quiet, suspicious, and weary.” And once again, the white figure appeared and pastor Dana said he believes this is the Holy Spirit. He said, “Remain braced as this calm comes before a gathering storm that recovery will have a hard time finding. This is catastrophic. This is apocalyptic. The United States is already in October. The economy is in great straits because the American Dollar is worth a third of what it was worth a few weeks ago. That was the end of that dream predicting what’s going to happen in the election and also November. There’s going to be something catastrophic after Trump wins. His election will be contended. Well, you don’t have to be a prophet to know that. Whoever wins, it’s going to be contented. Okay. Let me tell you. I’m not prophesying.

In our next video, we’ll then finally look at one more prediction by Pastor Dana Coverstone. The December calendar appears and I believe also, yeah, and also January. Okay. It gets very apocalyptic. It’s like, you know, end of the world type stuff. So, although Pastor Dana always says, “I’m not saying these things to frighten people. I want them to get ready.” I mean, if these things are going to happen, it’s frightening. Even if you’re ready, it’s terribly frightening. Okay. So we’re examining everything carefully and we’re going to hold fast to that, which is good. I’m not holding fast to this. I don’t believe this is what’s going to happen in November, but you don’t need to be a prophet to know that trouble is coming. Trouble is always coming. It ebbs and flows. God knows the future. All right. If you know God, you know who holds the future. Amen. Yeah, the end is coming at some point in time, the end is coming up. We all agree on that.

Again, this is why Christians are so apt to buy into these kinds of dreams that Pastor Dana’s having, because not only is there current event truth tied in with them, but there’s … on a biblical level there’s truth tied in, but is it all true? And is it going to happen in October, November, December, and January? We’re all going to know before long. Okay. Until, oh, I do want to tell you, as I often do at the end of these, if you’ve never visited one of our websites, which is called, or, please do check us out. Got a wealth of biblical teaching there, and it’s all there for your edification, okay, on a wealth of different subjects and hope it could be a blessing to you. Okay. Until next time, may the Lord bless you.

How Should We Respond to Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Predictions About December 2020 and January 2021?

The following excerpt is taken from a transcript of the video above.

Thank you so very much for joining me. This is a special Florida edition of a lesson. I’m so blessed to be here visiting a friend and longtime supporter of the Ministries of Heaven’s family. And as a consequence of that, had a lovely walk along the Fort Myers beach early this morning, where the Lord had placed a giant rainbow right there along the shore to remind me and everybody who could see it, his faithfulness and the reasons that we have not to worry when we know that God is in control. In any case, if you’ve been watching our recent Little Lessons, you know that we’ve been taking a look at Pastor Dana Coverstone’s recent prophetic dreams that he’s been having with it seems a greater regularity and been sharing them on YouTube. And his original video that he published back in June has now reached over 2 million views on YouTube, I noticed when I checked it out last night, and so it’s causing quite a stir.

And some of our viewers have been watching that and writing to us out of concern and people are, in some cases reacting out of fear, really worried because of the dreams, the more recent dreams that Pastor Dana’s has been having are, as he himself says, apocalyptic and even frightening, he says himself. So it’s worth our time. The Bible does say, “Do not despise prophetic utterance.” So we’re not going to do that. We’re not in that camp of people that says prophecy has ceased and gifts of the spirit have passed away and the Holy Spirit’s gifts are no longer needed. We’re not in that camp. We’re not going to despise prophetic utterance, but Paul goes on to say, this is 1 Thessalonians, Chapter 5, “Examine everything carefully.” So that’s all that I’m doing. I’m just obeying the Bible, examining what Pastor Dana’s saying carefully.

And then it says, “Hold fast to that which is good.” So that’s what we want to do, if we find it to be good, we want to hold fast to it. If we don’t find it good, we don’t want to hold fast to it. Okay? So that’s all biblical. I want to start off also by saying, I think I’ve already said this in previous videos as we’ve looked at some of his recent prophetic dreams, that Pastor Dana certainly comes across as a very sincere pastor and man of God. And the more I watch his videos, the more I’ve actually appreciated that about him. I believe he is completely sincere, but completely persuaded that the dreams that he is experiencing, as I said with much greater regularity now, that they’re from the Lord and they serve as a warning to all of America.

And I’ve also confessed that, although I appreciate Pastor Dana and I think he’s motivated by his love for God and his love for the people of God, his love for the United States of America, but I’m skeptical that his dreams have their origin in the Holy Spirit and that God’s trying to warn America and all of the body of Christ through these dreams. So you’ll have to be the judge of that. The several videos that I’ve done now in this, I’ve received mixed reviews, and guess what? We’re all going to know in a very short time whether or not these dreams are from the Lord, because Pastor Dana in his original video just cited that the Holy Spirit had shown him, as he believes, that in September and October and November, he actually saw those months on a calendar with a finger pointing, underlining them and so forth, and ultimately in November a fist hitting that month, that things are really going to heat up.

And he believes that these are from the Lord because he had a previous dream back in December that had a hand pointing to months in the calendar, he foresaw protests and angry people and protestors wearing masks even and saw people lined up to get into hospitals and so forth. So he foresaw the coronavirus invasion, as it started, whenever it started, I guess in March in the United States. And foresaw the Black Lives Matter rioting and so forth and all the racial unrest. All right.

So, it’s pretty convincing, I have to admit, because you’ve got a sincere guy who’s also claiming that previous dreams came to pass and these new dreams now are very similar. It’s a similar theme, he always sees a calendar, a finger pointing, underlining the month, and then even pointing to certain days on a month. And we’ve already looked at his specific dreams regarding October and November. And they are apocalyptic. In October, according to what Pastor Dana saw, the value of the US dollar is going to drop by two thirds. Okay? And he predicted that Trump will win the election. It will be contested from many, many, many people. And of course, we all know that if Trump does win this election in November, oh, there’s going to be a lot of civil unrest, we saw that when he was elected the first time. And so it’s just going to be more of that. No doubt.

But you’re looking at a person who has seen a lot of civil unrest in his day in this country. I lived through the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King. And we’ve seen plenty of rioting in our days and racial tension, but actually during my lifetime, the whole racial issue has actually significantly improved. Although there’s always room for betterment, isn’t there? But we elected a black president for two terms. And so that says something in favor of how people feel. This is a predominantly white nation. Now, when you become a Christian, I just have to add this, the whole racial issue dies because you know there’s only one race and God loves everybody and we’re all sinners and there’s no superior skin color and you also wake up sometimes and realize that there’s not just black and white, but there’s everything in between. Okay? And it’s so silly to categorize anybody by the color of their skin. Just as it’d be silly to categorize them by the shape of their noses. All right.

Anyways, back to Pastor Dana’s dream. So I’ve watched his October prediction dream, I watched his November prediction dream, and I’ve now also watched his December and January predictive dream. And so I’m going to, I took notes, I’m going to share those with you and this is going to take a little bit longer than the average Little Lesson. I hope you’ll bear with me, but we’re examining everything carefully just like the Bible says.

So Pastor Dana starts this fourth video that I watched, which he said it was, he had these glimpses and dreams. So he said, “I see things like movie trailers that night by night that might be expanded upon and so forth. And so I get a bigger picture.” So this all occurred between August 28th and September 4. He saw a series of glimpses and dreams that got longer each night. I’m just quoting him verbatim. And he said, “I’m seeing more things in my dreams that are apocalyptic, frightening.” And you’re about to see why he says that, I agree wholeheartedly.

He saw, once again, the same theme, the calendar, this time it was the month of December and this time a finger underlining the word December, but actually pushing it down as if there’s an extra emphasis on December and then flipping the calendar and underlining the same way, pushing underlining of January. So this is a prophetic dream that he’s gone on a limb on, from a natural standpoint, put a date on it. And I actually appreciate that, because we’re all going to know whether it comes true, not one of these so-called prophets who just gives these vague prophecies and says, “Well, I don’t know when it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen some day.” And there’s no really way to test it. Pastor Dana’s not like that, he’s given us actual dates and we’ll know.

Okay. And then he said he saw people standing in food lines for hours all over the nation. Well, remember back in October, there was a currency collapse. In November, big, bright light that he interprets either as a meteor or another commentator who interviewed him interprets as perhaps suitcase bombs going off and widespread devastation. The electrical grid being severely compromised. And that comes out in this dream as well. And the disruption on a major, worldwide scale of all commerce. Okay? So, people were standing in food lines and that’s why Pastor Dana has recommended to his viewers, “Store up food,” he said, because this is what’s coming where there’s going to be food shortages. People are going to be standing in line.

And he saw, this is interesting, he saw idle ships in this dream. “Idle ships on both of the American coasts,” he said, “and nothing was moving at sea.” So there’s no international shipping commerce going on. And he saw a headline, a newspaper headline that read, “The Baltic Dry Index is dead.” Now, not knowing what the Baltic Dry Index is, I had to go research that. And it’s just a index figure that keeps track of the movement of international commerce. And he said, the headline said, “This is dead.” Worldwide international shipping commerce has died.

So this is apocalyptic, right? Okay. He said, “Nothing was moving in trade around the world.” Then he specifically speaks of what he saw in December. And he said, even though it was Christmas, there was no Christmas displays or lights, because of the fact that there was great sadness over the land and people were dazed and confused. Well, there’s been this big flash of light that was a meteor that knocked out the electrical grid or a nuclear bomb, suitcase bombs going off that knocks out the, but something. Pastor Dana is not saying that he knows, he doesn’t try to interpret his dreams, but of course, if that happens, goodness, people would be shocked and dazed and saddened, and there’d be no Christmas lights because there’s no electricity. Okay? And no one’s going to be celebrating Christmas either. That’s what he’s predicting.

So, we’re going to know in December for sure on that one, but again, we’ll already know in October, because he’s already pointed the second and third weeks of October as being a time when the currency collapse. He said, people were… Oh, excuse me. “Shopping malls were converted to emergency shelters, filled with misplaced people.” People were in their homes, wearing coats, looking outside with coats on, because there’s no warmth inside their house. Apparently, if electricity has anything to do with their heating, their homes and their apartments aren’t heated. So they have to wear coats inside.

And he also saw gray snow on the ground, and not trying to interpret that, but I watched that interview that he had and this interviewer was saying, “Well, that could be nuclear fallout.” I don’t know much about nuclear fallout myself. And then he saw headlines. This is December now. Okay? No doubt about it. “Nationwide outages plague the Southwest.” And that is a funny headline really, when you think about it, because it seems like it’s contradictory nationwide outages, well that would plague the entire nation, but he’s saying the headline read, “Nationwide outages plague the Southwest.” So that doesn’t make sense to me. And then another headline that read, “Americans don’t know who to blame for the darkness.” So again, power grid’s really suffering. And he also said in this vision, he saw America, the outline of the country including Hawaii, including Alaska as a flickering light of a light bulb that’s just about to go out. So very clear what he’s seeing in his dream here. Some of the darkness, he said, even stretched into Canada. Okay. So you Canadians are not exempt.

He saw fat vultures with rotting food hanging out with their mouths. And then another interesting scene in the dream, he saw people standing under the St. Louis arch, the St. Louis arch is the gateway to the West and so on. And they all had expensive suits on and they were wearing very dark sunglasses. They all had a copy of The Wall Street Journal under their arms, or they’re holding it. And they were holding briefcases. He said, “The only way I can explain it,” he said,” was that they looked like the nuclear suitcases, like a nuclear suitcase that you have a small nuclear bomb in it. And all of a sudden, these people were standing there with these dark suits and sunglasses, their alarms, I guess they had their watches synchronized, all their alarms went off at the same time, they all got into black SUV’s and went East and West.

And he then saw headlines about market crashes and yields lost. I’m quoting him verbatim. So he was predicting a stock market crash then in December or January. And for some reason, one headline declared sympathy for the swastika. That was a little bit strange. And then he heard these words, and this is the kind of words he’s been hearing over and over again, “Brace yourself on my word and my promises and do not rely on your own strength.” Well, if that is happening, that would be a good word to hear from the Lord. Okay? But he’s clearly claiming, this is divine inspiration, this is God, the Holy Spirit speaking to him in this dream. And heard that voice many times and seen this white figure and often is saying, “Brace yourself.”

All right. So, we’re all going to know. We’re all going to know because he’s giving a timeline. A lot of times when these kinds of prophecies have been given by various people over the 40 years that I’ve been watching these things as a Christian, they don’t come to pass, then there’s a quick change up. And they’ll say, “I missed it by a year. Or these things were metaphorical and in the spiritual realm and only happened amongst the angels and the demons.” Every kind of thing to try to cover it for the fact that they really didn’t hear from the Lord. I think it’s just good though, when you’re wrong, just to admit you’re wrong. I appreciate that about Pastor Dana as well, numerous times he said that, “Wait until…” He originally said, “Wait until the end of November. And if none of this has come to pass, then you can just call me…” He didn’t say call me a fool, but something of that nature.

And I’m going to say the same thing. If all these things come to pass, I’ll be the first one to say, “Oops, my skepticism was unfounded. I should’ve listened to Pastor Dana and stored up food, stored up gold, and stored up guns and ammunition.” He said that several times in his video. I saw in one interview that he had done that he said, “When I told people back in June to store up guns and ammo,” he said, “it wasn’t so that they could go out and act like Rambo, but so that they would have food on their table. They could kill animals and so forth.” But I went back and watched that video and he clearly said in June, “Buy guns and ammo because they’re defunding the police.” And that only means one thing, it’s every man for himself. So clearly the implication was self-defense, not shoot deer so you have a food. So that’s changed slightly since June.

And he said recently, now I’ve been telling you this, but now guns and ammo are hard to get. Oh, actually there has been an increase in gun sales and ammo sales, primarily because people don’t know who’s going to win the election and they’re afraid that if the Biden team wins, that they’re going to lose their gun rights and so people are stocking up on guns and ammo for that reason, not because they’re getting ready for the apocalypse, but it is true, not that there’s a shortage. I mean, I checked on my local Cabela’s website and the closest Cabela’s and I can buy all kinds of guns, if I wanted to, that were in the store. I clicked on, “What’s in the store?”

So he also said, “Buy silver and gold.” If you’ve watched silver and gold at all, you know that both in the last few months have actually gone down in value against the dollar. The high for gold was about, I think, $2,060 an ounce, maybe about a month ago. Now just a day or two ago, it was like $200 less, so it’s fallen by 10% of its value. So if you went out and bought silver and gold when Pastor Dana originally told you, now it’s worth less. Don’t worry. It will go up eventually, I’m sure. And he also said that the companies that sell storable food, that now there’s a waiting list. Well, can I just say it again? You don’t have to be a prophet to know that there’s trouble coming. Okay? The polarization, the tension in our country is higher than it’s been in recent days, but not any higher than it’s been as it’s ebbed and flowed throughout my lifetime. We’ve seen plenty of riots and so forth in the past.

And like I said, I believe that the solution to the racial problem is mostly spiritual. I’m glad for the improvements that we’ve seen in our country, but I happen to know that only the gospel really rips out the hatred and selfishness that is inbred in many of us, and there’s only one race, the human race that God made and we’re all sinners and we’re all saved by the same blood. Okay? The blood of Jesus Christ. So that’s the end of racism, when you come to Jesus and that’s what we ought to be doing.

And I want to give Pastor Dana also great credit because all through September, he was calling people to pray, praying online himself in videos and people joining him. Boy, that’s great. And he’s also calling for people to get their act together, Christians to let their light shine. Often a theme in his dream has been the church rising to the challenge. Well, okay. So, so far we’re through September and his original dream that he had in June said September, October, November. I can’t really see much that’s happened in September that’s so unusual of what was happening in August. Yeah. Still rioting, we now have rioting in Louisville because of a police incident there.

We’ve had the death of Ruth Ginsburg and now the nomination of a very conservative Supreme Court judge. And of course that’s causing tension to rise high because people love to murder babies and they don’t want to see Roe v. Wade overturned, but I don’t see that as a negative element. I see it as a very positive element. Just a few days ago in Washington, DC, Franklin Graham led this prayer mark that they said that like 100,000 people came to that. Then they had another event called The Return and there were tens of thousands of Christians that came out for that, praying, repenting for the sins of our nation and seeking God.

So there’s a lot of positive things that have happened in the month of September. And I know that it’s coming to a head in early November. Tonight I’ll be watching the debates between Trump and Biden. Very interested in that. But I don’t believe that politics is the answer. I believe that Jesus is the answer. But I do believe that Christians should not abdicate that responsibility to be involved in exercising their voting right, which comes from God, because all authority is from God and those that exist are established by God. So God is the one who has given you the opportunity to vote and you ought to vote. And when we hear the statistics about the number of Christians that sit out on the elections, that’s terrible. And I don’t want to be wagging my finger, but I think I will wag it a little bit.

You need to vote if you’re a Christian. And I realize that there is no perfect candidate, yeah, of course. There’s no perfect pastor, right? And when congregations, for example, vote on a new pastor, they all realize we’re getting an imperfect person here and they try to get the least imperfect person that they can get. Well, it’s the same in elections, especially when there are unbelievers running. These are people that don’t have the Holy Spirit in them and it’s amazing that they do as well as they do on the moral spectrum. But I believe that Christians ought to vote for those that most closely share Christian values.

All right. Okay. So that’s my analysis. For the record, I’m not buying guns and ammunition, I haven’t run out and bought any silver and gold, I haven’t gone out and bought any food. I know things are going to be a little bit dicey here, and no matter who wins the election, there’s going to be unhappy people and there’s going to be a whole spectrum of reaction to normal people who just say, “Oh, that’s too bad. Well, I’ll get another chance to vote in four years.” And then there’s going to be those who are going to riot in the streets and pray for our law enforcement officers and our police and so forth, putting their lives on the line and serving us in this capacity.

These people are out of line, there’s no place for looting, there’s place for peaceful protest. Yeah. Go ahead. There’s freedom of speech, but don’t be destroying lives and people’s livelihoods and the name of… Because you’re against racism and so your own people, you’re making them suffer for it. Oh my goodness. That’s just stupidity gone wild. All right. So I’ll close on this. I’ve traveled in the last 40 years of my life in ministry to, I think about 80 nations of the world. And I’ve been in some good ones and I’ve been in mostly not so good ones and that’s where the ministry that I serve, Heaven’s Family, is trying to make a difference. But if you live in the United States of America, even now, you are a blessed individual. And when I see people so unhappy and so dissatisfied because things are so bad for them, they don’t have a clue what a bad country is. You don’t know.

Okay? So read your history and see what you can learn from history and read your Bible and see what you can learn from the Bible and pray for God to help us all understand, so we can do his will and please him and pray that his kingdom would come and his will will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Until next time, may the Lord bless you.

A Final Look at Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Prophetic Dream for October 2020

The following excerpt is taken from a transcript of the video above.

Hi, welcome to today’s Little Lesson and thank you so very much for joining me once again. We’re going to consider for one final time one of the numerous prophetic dreams that have gone viral on YouTube by Pastor Dana Coverstone of Kentucky. He’s seen lots of dreams. And a few months ago he published some specific videos about specific dreams that he had about October and November and December that really foreshadowed some very apocalyptic events. And I said in my last video that we did on this subject, I think we looked closely at what he said was going to happen in December of 2020 and January of 2021.

And I said, it won’t be long before we can know whether or not these dreams that Pastor Dana is having are really from the Lord because he’s made some very specific predictions about October. He’s gone out on a limb because he talked in one of his videos about seeing the October 2020 calendar and a hand appearing. And this is a common theme in many of his dreams, this hand appearing and it underlined the second week and the third week of October and then pointed to October 31st, specifically. And Pastor Dana went on to talk about things that he saw then in the dream about things that would happen in October.

And I predicted that his predictions wouldn’t come to pass and I’m recording this now on the second to the last day of October, October 30th, although you’re watching it at a later time. And up until today, speaking about the second and third weeks of October, nothing that he predicted came to pass. And so we can very safely conclude, as I predicted, we’d be able to conclude that his dreams were not given to him by the Holy Spirit, unless you believe that the Holy Spirit doesn’t know what he’s doing. And the Holy spirit is God. He’s the third person of the Trinity. He is all knowing and so he doesn’t make any mistakes on his predictions of the future.

All right. Although Pastor Dana never claimed to be a prophet, he was claiming to hear from the Lord and that these dreams were from the Holy Spirit. And so now we can look at his October predictions and see that none of them came to pass. He predicted that the value of the dollar would fall by two thirds. It was very clear in his dream about a huge, I think it was a $100 bill as if it were a flag on a flag post being lowered and it was on fire at the same time it was being lowered and it was lowered two thirds of the way. And he said, “When it got to the bottom, it was two thirds down.” And this was in the second and third week of October. It didn’t come to pass. We’ve not seen the dollar decline by any significance whatsoever in October.

He also predicted that he saw in his dream, the faces of elected officials and heads of government agencies, as well as people who were riding in places like Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis. And he said their heads were like firecrackers with wick or a fuse on top of them and during that second week in October, all those heads blew up and ignited many other fires everywhere, a prediction of something very significant that was going to cause many government leaders to have their heads, as it were, explode. I don’t think anyone took that literally, but something. And then all these rioters and then the riots would spread and so forth. Well, some people said, “Well, that’s got to be the appointment of a new Supreme Court justice.” That caused a lot of people’s heads to explode. Well, okay. But there was no reference in any, any of Pastor Dana’s dreams about the death of a Supreme Court justice and the appointment of a conservative justice in that justice’s place and so forth. There hasn’t been any increase in rioting just like there’s been no decrease in the value of the dollar.

Pastor Dana also predicted that these rioters would be entering into nursing homes and attacking the elderly. Have you read about that anywhere in the news during October? No, you haven’t. And so, as I look once again at my notes for what he said was going to happen, oh, here’s another one that certainly didn’t happen. The exposure and the downfall of all prosperity preachers. Didn’t happen. These dreams were not from the Lord. Now, just as I also predicted, because I’ve been watching these things for 40 years and I believe in the gift of prophecy and the gifts of the spirit, the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom. These are all throughout scripture and they happen in modern day. The Holy spirit hasn’t changed.

But even though I believe in all that, I never believed what Dana Coverstone was saying was from the Lord. But his first video went viral. Last time I checked it been viewed by two million people and my videos received actually on this topics, a lot of views. My video that I did just specifically on Pastor Dana’s October dream, as I’m saying this, has received 25,000 views. Well, that’s a lot more than I get for the normal things when I talk about things that are really important and biblical. People are fascinated with this kind of stuff. And so I just noticed, I looked at it this morning and I saw that there were 755 comments related to my video predicting that Pastor Dana’s October predictions were not going to come to pass.

And I’m just fascinated by the comments. Some of them show that people have some discernment and some wisdom, but some other ones just show that people just really refuse to face the brutal facts. And I’ll just paraphrase a couple of them here and maybe I’ll scroll through them as I’m talking to you. And this Little Lesson is probably going to go a little bit longer than my average Little Lesson if you don’t mind. Some folks said, “Well, Pastor Dana was encouraging Christians to pray.” And that’s true, he was. And they said, “And so, because we responded to that call for prayer, these things that he predicted, God changed his mind or God prevented them from happening in response to Christians’ prayers.” Some people said, “The judgment was forestalled. We, we pushed it back by our prayers.”

Well, I certainly believe that it’s within the realm of possibilities to get God to forestall his judgment. That’s biblical byte by prayer, crying out to God for mercy. And I’m sure many Christians have been doing that very thing, but Pastor Dana never suggested that in any of those videos, he said, “This is what’s going to happen in the second week.” Remember the finger underline the second week and the third week. He didn’t say, “But they can be prevented if my people pray.” No, this is going to happen. And if, for example, we make that claim that these things that Pastor Dana saw were prevented because we prayed, well, did we prevent the demise of all the prosperity preachers by our prayers? Is that what you were praying about if you were praying in response to what Pastor Dana saw?

No, it was a sure thing. The value of the dollar is falling by two thirds. The elderly are going to suffer in personal care homes because these rioters are going to be going into their personal care homes. And these things are going to happen. All the prosperity preachers were going to be exposed and their ministries would fall because it was all related to the fact of the fall of the dollar. When the dollar falls in value by two thirds, the ministry of all those prosperity preachers is over because people aren’t going to believe them anymore about prosperity. It didn’t happen in October and it didn’t happen because we prayed and forestalled it because that’s not what Pastor Dana said to do. That’s not what his dreams implied. That was no way implied anywhere in those videos. And again, I ask you, did we forestall the demise of the prosperity preachers? That’s very farfetched.

Here’s an interesting comment, someone wrote. Quotes part of the title of that video, how should we respond? Quote, end quote. And so the title of my video is, how should we respond to Pastor Dana Coverstone’s recent predictions about October 2020? How should we respond? And then her comment was, “Sounds like a Jezebel spirit to me. You should pray and let Jesus lead you on how to respond individually.” That’s what she’s telling her readers. And then she wrote, “Disclaimer, I did not watch this video solely on the title.” She doesn’t need anybody to help her. She can let Jesus show her how to respond individually. Well, okay, fine. I’m not claiming anyone needs me if you have the Holy Spirit, but apparently hundreds of thousands of Christians who have the Holy Spirit were fooled. Pastor Dana did not do it intentionally. He was sincere, but they were fooled and you can read the comments. People are still defending him and they claim to have the Holy Spirit.

See, so God does put teachers and people who have been around for a while in the body of Christ who’ve seen this over and over again. You get some experience in this to guide us. Isn’t that biblical? God does put apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers in the body of Christ to help everybody to grow and to become more like Christ.

Here’s a comment. “I remember in one of his dreams, he was talking about a judge with a gavel. This weeks before the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. When she died, I thought of his dream.” Well, okay. I never heard him say that. I never saw him say that, but this is a phenomenon I see quite frequently in the prophetic ministry, these prophetic ministers, that’s all they do. First of all, they generally give really vague prophecies that can be, so they’re not held accountable to them. And they say so many things that they’re bound to hit it every once in a while on one of their vague prophecies. And they do. And all these gullible and naive people then say, “Oh, oh, oh look, just like he said, it came to pass.”

Well, okay. Maybe he saw a judge with a gavel. He didn’t say a judge is going to die and going to be replaced from the Supreme Court. Was that in his dream? That would have been convincing there that he actually heard from the Lord, but that’s not what happened. And then on top of that, we’ve got all these things he picked up in October that didn’t come to pass. And so, what are we going to say? Oh, he saw a judge with a gavel, that makes his dreams legitimate when all of the other things didn’t come to pass? No, that wouldn’t be too wise.

Here’s one. This was just one week ago. This was the second and third weeks were already over. His October predictions have been proven none of them came to pass. And here’s a person writing, “Guy, I’m so sorry you’re judging him. You try and sound as if you’re doing a good thing, but you’re not.” Well, okay. There’s 755 comments I don’t have time to read all these comments, but when I get this sampling of comments, you just have to wonder. Now Jesus said, “Do not judge less you be judged.” But if you read that in context, it’s very clear what he was talking about. He was talking about, pointing out the faults of others when you have got bigger faults than your own eyes. And just within seconds after he said that, he talked about how we’re supposed to judge the fruit of people who claim to be leaders.

He said, “You’ll know them, the wolves in sheep’s clothing, by their fruit.” You have to judge, you have to be a fruit inspector. And so as I said, almost in every one of my videos, the Bible tells us, “Do not despise prophetic utterance.” I did not do that. I did not say, “Well, anyone who says they’re prophesying or has a prophetic dream, we just despise that. That’s just for the apostolic days.” I didn’t say that I didn’t despise it. And it goes on to say, this is first Thessalonians, chapter 5, “Examine everything carefully.” That’s what I did. I examined everything carefully that Pastor Dana said. And then it said, “Hold fast to that which is good.” And if you watch my videos, you recall that I said, “I’m not holding fast any of this because I don’t think any of it’s good.”

And really truth be told, in all honesty, now at the end of October, that none of Pastor Dana’s October predictions have come to pass and I can assure you that none of his November or December or January ones are going to come to pass either. If they do, it’ll just be purely by chance. And again, as I said it over again, we all know there’s going to be turmoil after the election in the United States, November the 3rd, there’s going to be people, on the whole spectrum of disappointment from rioters in the street to people weeping at home when their candidate doesn’t get elected, but we’ll get through it and get over it and life will go on.

Pastor Dana is predicting apocalyptic events, nuclear suitcase bombs going off, the electrical grid shutting down. Just terrible, terrible things that I don’t buy into and even more now, because his October prophesies didn’t come to pass. If the truth be told, at this point in time, Pastor Dana Coverstone should publish an apology, a retraction and an apology. And he ought to take the rest of his videos down. If he can remove them now from wherever he’s published them. And all the people who endorsed him and interviewed him and act as if it was legitimate and spread this fear that was permeated so much among those who viewed and believed these prophecies, they were fearful and they are fearful if you listen to them, if they were going to come to pass. He should apologize. Not only should Dana Coverstone apologize, but all the people who put these negative comments against me, for example and criticize me, which I didn’t again, I didn’t read them. I published three or four videos on this subject and there were hundreds and hundreds of comments altogether on them. This one alone has 755 comments right now.

Well, if you were endorsing Pastor Dana Coverstone’s prophetic dreams for October, you were wrong. You might have been sincere, but you made a mistake. And if you put some critical comment on anyone, on anyone’s website or anywhere, spoke disparagingly of those who didn’t agree with Pastor Dana, and like me said, “It’s not going to happen.” You should retract what you said and learn a lesson. And I’m not saying this to prove, well, I was right and you’re wrong. No, because I’ve been at this for 40 years now in vocational ministry and I’ve had my share of failings. My share of being wrong on things. But God has been merciful and gracious to me. God has been merciful and gracious to you and God is going to be merciful and gracious to Pastor Dana Coverstone.

But here’s the test. Is he now going to show us that he’s a man of God who admits when he missed it? Because he influenced a lot of people. His first and subsequent videos were viral and put tons of fear into a lot of people. If you bought gold, when Pastor Dana told you to go out and buy gold and buy guns and buy food, your gold is worth less now than when he told you to go out and buy it. Only God knows how much money has been lost by people who trusted Pastor Dana Coverstone and his advice. If you bought guns, well, they’re worth less than when you bought them. I can assure you that. If you bought food, hopefully you didn’t buy so much that you can’t eat at all.

And sadly enough, I’ll close on this. There will still be people I know from watching this for years, who will cling to Pastor Dana’s prophecies and predictions right up until the end through November, through December, even though nothing comes to pass that he predicted and they’ll still be clinging to it. These people are stupid with a capital C. God bless them. And after it’s all over, they’ll never say another word about it. They’ll just pretend like it never happened.

Well, thank you so much for joining me once again on this Little Lesson and I hope you join me the next time. Until next time, may the Lord bless you.