I Just Received a Stimulus Check From the Government. What Should I Do With It?

A Little Lessons Series

Have you received your stimulus check from the government? If you’re a US reader, you may have recently discovered a big deposit from the government in your bank account due to coronavirus (COVID-19) hardships. Wondering what you should do with it? Discover more in this Little Lessons series with David Servant!

Picture of economic stimulus check relief program

Questions About Divine Healing

A Little Lessons Series

Several months ago, David Servant posed the question “How Do I Know If It’s God’s Will to Heal Me?” and spent several Little Lessons answering that question. In today’s Little Lesson series, David answers additional questions that viewers have sent to him regarding what the Bible says about divine healing. Learn more!

Questions About Divine Healing by David Servant

What Does the Bible Say About Oral and Anal Sex?

A Little Lessons Series

Many Christians insist that oral and anal sex are degrading and have no place in a Christian marriage. Others believe that these forms of sex can be enjoyed within marriage with the mutual consent of both the husband and the wife. But what does the Bible say? Learn more in this Little Lessons series!

Picture of couple thinking about what the Bible says about oral and anal sex