“My Spouse and I Are Having a Disagreement and We Can’t Seem to Make Any Progress. What Do We Do?”

A Little Lesson

In today’s Little Lesson, David Servant answers a question from a viewer who is having a disagreement with her husband and is unable to make any progress. Discover a simple but powerful secret for resolving such disagreements within marriage.

Picture of married couple having a disagreement

How Can a Pastor Make a Living Pastoring a House Church?

A Little Lesson

If you’ve followed David Servant’s teaching, you know that he’s been addressing the subject of house churches in great detail. Some people wonder how a pastor can make a living pastoring a house church. Since pastoring a simple, disciple-making church doesn’t take a lot of time, can a house church pastor justify being paid for his role? Learn more in this Little Lesson!

Picture of pastor budgeting and trying to make a living pastoring a house church