What is the Definition of Purity?

A Little Lesson

A viewer of Little Lessons recently asked David Servant a question about the definition of purity, specifically regarding their habit of chewing tobacco. Learn more in this episode of Little Lessons!

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The following excerpt is taken from a transcript of the video above.

What is the definition of purity? We’re going to look at a question sent by one of our beloved viewers, and actually this is two questions. Maybe it came from the same viewer. I actually don’t know, but this person just says, “Can you do a daily lesson on what purity means?” All right. Then here’s another question. It talks about purity again. “I have a question pertaining to purity, as it relates to the Bible. I’ve had the feeling that I’m being called to quit nicotine in the form of pouches. ZYN, Z-Y-N, to be specific.” I guess that’s a brand name of chewing tobacco. “I want to know your opinion on this matter. Likewise, with caffeine. Does caffeine make one impure? Your help is greatly appreciated. God bless.”

We have talked at some Little Lessons previously about is it a sin to smoke cigarettes and cigars and pipes and so forth? But this person is asking us specifically about how that relates to purity. Well, great question. Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” That’s the most important thing. If you are addicted to nicotine, it’s your flesh, your physical body that’s addicted. I can guarantee you one day, you won’t be addicted when your body dies and your spirit evacuates. Many Christians have had the same feeling that this guys’ had. I’m assuming this is a man chewing tobacco, and it feels like maybe the Lord’s telling him to stop it. But it is addictive because nicotine is an addictive drug.

Then he also asks about caffeine, a milder drug. Interesting, of course, people, I’ll put this out, that both of these drugs were created by God. That’s often used as a justification. Well, God created tobacco. Okay. He did create it but I’m not sure that God meant it to be dried and then burnt then the smoke inhaled. When God was inventing tobacco, is that what he had in mind? Seems rather doubtful.

A funny thing. This is something that was practiced some years ago, more common. You don’t see it today, but it was common for new fathers to hand out cigars as a way of celebrating the birth of a new son or daughters, they’d hand out cigars. Now, again, if you’re a younger person, you never heard of that before, but I’m 61. Back when I was a kid you hear about that, handing out cigars. He must’ve had a son or daughter. It’s a funny thing though. You think “Oh, I’ve got a brand new precious, pure baby. Let’s all celebrate by breathing smoke.” Which back when I was a kid, it wasn’t so clear as it is today, this is a way to give yourself cancer of the lungs. The crazy things we do.

I would encourage you to not chew tobacco and not be addicted to it. God will help you overcome that addiction if you can be motivated enough. You got to be motivated enough. You got to really want to. Then also let me encourage you to have faith that God will help you. He’s really great. I’m telling you what God is so good. He not only convicts us of sin, but he’ll help us overcome sin. If you’re in some way hurting your body, which the Bible tells us that as Christians, our bodies are temples of the Holy spirit. That’s the reason to take care of the temple. It’s God’s temple. Does God’s temple want tobacco being chewed and spit out like that? I just today at a guy’s little shop where he repairs chainsaws, and it’s an area where a lot of people chew tobacco and he has a sign right there above his countertop, “Please no spitting on the floor.” That is a shame. You actually have to say that to people, “Don’t spit on my floor.”

Now what about caffeine? A lot of people are addicted to caffeine. It’s a milder stimulant. But it’s also addictive. It’s good not to be addicted to anything. If you can’t exist without your morning cup of stump water or whatever it is you drink, why don’t you just put it off for a while? You’ll probably get headaches and you’ll be a little cranky. But then your body will overcome your addiction to it. Then you could maybe go back and drink it in a more temperate form where it’s not controlling you. You’re controlling it.

I don’t think it’s good to be controlled by any substance, even food, any kind of food. If you don’t have any kind of a regular practice of fasting, that’d be good, too, just for no other reason than just to not have food be the Lord of your life. You want Jesus to be the Lord of your life, him calling the shots. The Bible talks about abstaining from food for a period of time to focus on, for example, prayer and seeking the Lord. See that shows the Lord that he’s more important to you than even food.

Bible talks about married couples abstaining from sex for an agreed time that they might focus on the Lord. That’s also something that no one should be addicted to. Coffee and tea is a part of life that a lot of people can be addicted to. Don’t let anything be your master. Let Jesus be your master. Now concerning sex, Paul said, “Only abstain as your spouse agrees and only for a time. Then come back together again, less Satan tempt you because of your lack of self control.” We’re not talking about a continual abstinence, but temporary abstinence. Just like we’re not talking about continual abstinence from food. Fasting is temporary absence and you come back and you eat again.

Can you go to Heaven and chew tobacco? Yes. Yes, you can. That’s not something is going to keep you out of Heaven. Can you go to Heaven and smoke cigarettes? Yes. But God will give you victory over those things. I have a friend who just told me just the other day, he’s been a smoker for decades. He just told me the good news, just two days ago that he hasn’t smoked in four months. Praise the Lord. Again, he’s been smoking for decades, so somehow or another, God helped him. God will help you as well.

Until next time, may the Lord bless you.