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Our Calling

Shepherd Serve is the division of the ministry of Heaven’s Family that highlights the teaching ministry of Heaven’s Family’s founder and director, David Servant. The text of all of David’s e-teachings, books and devotionals can be found on this website, plus many of his video teachings. Printed copies of the same books, as well as some DVD video teachings, can also be purchased here.

Having ministered in more than fifty of the world’s nations, David has a special burden to equip pastors and Christian leaders in developing nations. To that end, he has authored a 500-page equipping manual titled The Disciple-Making Minister. That book has been translated and distributed in over 20 languages, and many of those translations can be found on this website here.

David also carries a great concern for the purity of the gospel and the understanding of biblical stewardship. Two of his books, namely The Great Gospel Deception and Through the Needle’s Eye, passionately address those important issues. The text of both books can also be read on our website.

David Servant has authored a popular daily devotional just for families on the life of Christ titled, Family Style Devotions, to which families can subscribe for free by clicking here. His on-going 7-minute weekday video devotionals, known as HeavenWord 7, are also available through a free subscription by clicking here.

We trust that all the biblically-balanced teaching resources found at this website will edify and challenge you to more closely follow our Lord Jesus Christ, to the end that He might be glorified.

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