HeavenWord 7 Video Devotions

Chronological study through the New Testament

Join David Servant in this 7-minute, weekday video series as he begins to teach chronologically through the New Testament, verse-by-verse. You are sure to appreciate David’s balanced, yet non-compromising teaching of God’s Word. And you’ll gain new insights that will help you as you follow our Lord Jesus. Watch episodes on-demand or subscribe for free!

Podcast Archive
Day Title
Day 0001 The Fulfillment of a Dream
Day 0002 The Genealogy of Jesus
Day 0003 Joseph was a Righteous Man
Day 0004 Gaining Perspective from God
Day 0005 Keep Following the Star
Day 0006 Gentiles Reveal Jesus to the Jews
Day 0007 Jesus Revealed to the Gentiles
Day 0008 The Exceeding Value of Christ
Day 0009 God Guides the Faithful
Day 0010 What Happened to John the Baptist’s Gospel?
Day 0011 John Preaches to the Proud
Day 0012 John Knocks People’s Props
Day 0013 Trees Without Fruit
Day 0014 The Wheat & the Chaff
Day 0015 John Baptizes Jesus
Day 0016 Why God Allows Us to be Tempted
Day 0017 Satan Tempts through Lies
Day 0018 Jesus’ First Temptation
Day 0019 Jesus’ Second Temptation
Day 0020 Scriptural Spiritual Warfare
Day 0021 Jesus’ Final Temptation
Day 0022 Should We Become Like Jesus?
Day 0023 The Light Comes to Galilee
Day 0024 Repentance is Essential to the Gospel
Day 0025 Jesus Calls His First Disciples
Day 0026 Peter Comes to his Senses
Day 0027 The Early Ministry of Jesus
Day 0028 Who Are the Blessed?
Day 0029 Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit
Day 0030 The Mourners and the Gentle
Day 0031 Hungering for Righteousness
Day 0032 Blessed Are the Merciful and Pure
Day 0033 Peacemakers and the Persecuted
Day 0034 Stay Salty
Day 0035 Let Your Light Shine
Day 0036 Let Them See Your Good Works
Day 0037 Jesus Fulfills the Law and Prophets
Day 0038 Greater or Lesser in God’s Kingdom?
Day 0039 Doing Better than the Pharisees
Day 0040 Fulfill, not Abolish
Day 0041 Jesus Fulfills the Sixth Commandment
Day 0042 The Priority of Loving Each Other
Day 0043 What’s the Most Important?
Day 0044 The Journey to the Judge
Day 0045 Jesus Fulfills the Seventh Commandment
Day 0046 Mental Adultery
Day 0047 Pluck Out Your Eye?
Day 0048 Keeping the Horse in the Corral
Day 0049 The “Certificate of Divorce”?
Day 0050 Lusting, Divorcing Pharisees
Day 0051 Harmonizing Moses, Jesus, and Paul
Day 0052 God Hates Divorce
Day 0053 Jesus Matthew 19 Divorce Teaching
Day 0054 Forgiveness After Divorce
Day 0055 To Swear or Not to Swear
Day 0056 Keep Our Word
Day 0057 An Eye for an Eye
Day 0058 Jesus Doesn’t Correct Himself
Day 0059 Overcoming Evil With Good
Day 0060 Pacifism Gone Wild
Day 0061 Going the Extra Mile
Day 0062 Hate Your Enemy?
Day 0063 Imitating a Loving God
Day 0064 Trumpet Givers
Day 0065 Giving for the Right Motive
Day 0066 Right Giving Will be Rewarded
Day 0067 Rewarded Prayers
Day 0068 Meaningless Repetition
Day 0069 Prayer Error
Day 0070 The Beginning of the Lord’s Prayer
Day 0071 Hallowed be Your Name
Day 0072 Your Kingdom Come
Day 0073 Our Daily Bread
Day 0074 Forgive Us Our Sins
Day 0075 Deeper into Forgiveness
Day 0076 Lead Us Not into Temptation
Day 0077 Fasting for the Right Reasons
Day 0078 The Purpose of Fasting
Day 0079 Isaiah on Fasting
Day 0080 Fasting From Selfishness
Day 0081 The Blessings of Unselfishness
Day 0082 Transferring Your Wealth to Heaven
Day 0083 Three Parallel Contrasts
Day 0084 The Evil Eye Analogy
Day 0085 When Light is Darkness, Part 1
Day 0086 When Light is Darkness, Part 2
Day 0087 Needs, Wants, and Worries
Day 0088 Judge Not
Day 0089 Judge Righteously
Day 0090 Judging in the Church
Day 0091 Meeting Your Own Standard
Day 0092 Casting Your Pearls
Day 0093 Don’t Touch Some Specks
Day 0094 Praying with Faith
Day 0095 Keep on Asking
Day 0096 According to God’s Will
Day 0097 What is Good to God
Day 0098 Asking Rightly
Day 0099 Asking Father
Day 0100 The Old Testament Summarized
Day 0101 The Law of Jesus & Moses
Day 0102 The Ultimate Moral Code
Day 0103 The Grace that God Offers
Day 0104 Flushing Out False Prophets
Day 0105 Know Them by their Fruits
Day 0106 The Unselfish Path
Day 0107 Real Fruit
Day 0108 Satanic & Bogus Miracles
Day 0109 Hell-Bound Prophets
Day 0110 Wise & Foolish Builders
Day 0111 Jesus Astounds His Listeners
Day 0112 A Leper is Healed
Day 0113 Jesus’ Willingness to Heal
Day 0114 A Mind-Blowing Messianic Miracle
Day 0115 A Gentile’s Great Faith
Day 0116 Jesus Drops Two Theological Bombs
Day 0117 As You Have Believed
Day 0118 Jesus Heals Everyone in Capernaum
Day 0119 Jesus, the Healer Foretold by Isaiah
Day 0120 Did Jesus Bear Our Sicknesses?
Day 0121 Healing in the Atonement?
Day 0122 Healing in the Gospel?
Day 0123 What is the “Full Gospel”?
Day 0124 Jesus Walks Away from a Crowd
Day 0125 The Cost of Following Jesus
Day 0126 Leave the Dead to Bury the Dead
Day 0127 Jesus Sleeps During the Storm
Day 0128 Jesus Rebukes His Disciples and the Storm
Day 0129 God Above and Below the Storm
Day 0130 Two Demoniacs or One?
Day 0131 The Greater One Within
Day 0132 Downward Demonic Spiral
Day 0133 Demon Enigmas
Day 0134 What is the Abyss?
Day 0135 Temporarily Demonized Pigs
Day 0136 Fear is Faith in Satan
Day 0137 The Lord Gives and Takes Away
Day 0138 Trading Jesus for Pigs
Day 0139 A Pharisaic Investigation
Day 0140 A Messianic Miracle
Day 0141 A Rooftop Show Stopper
Day 0142 A Hole Filled with Faith
Day 0143 The Faith Jesus Can See
Day 0144 Who Can Forgive Sins But God?
Day 0145 Matthew is Called
Day 0146 Matthew’s Party
Day 0147 Jesus Reveals Priorities of Holiness
Day 0148 Wisdom from Hosea
Day 0149 Keeping the Main Things the Main Things
Day 0150 New Wine in Old Wineskins
Day 0151 Jairus Needs a Miracle
Day 0152 A Woman’s Touch of Faith
Day 0153 An “Accidental” Healing
Day 0154 The Elephant in the Room
Day 0155 Who Touched Me?
Day 0156 Jesus is Never Too Late
Day 0157 The Delay Test
Day 0158 Do You Believe?
Day 0159 Believing That You Have Received
Day 0160 Sheep Without a Shepherd
Day 0161 Skinned and Thrown
Day 0162 A Mystery about Miracles
Day 0163 Jesus Sends Out the Twelve
Day 0164 Divine Ethnic Favoritism?
Day 0165 Healing Oil
Day 0166 Going Out by Faith
Day 0167 The Dignity of Christ’s Ambassadors
Day 0168 Shaking Off the Dust
Day 0169 Sheep, Wolves, Snakes, and Doves
Day 0170 Good from Persecution
Day 0171 Household Persecution
Day 0172 Murdering Hundreds of Verses to Save One
Day 0173 A Thought-Provoking Threat
Day 0174 Hair-Counting Love
Day 0175 Tough Questions About Hell
Day 0176 A Prophetic Look at Future Persecution
Day 0177 Our Relationship with the World
Day 0178 Fractured Families
Day 0179 The Cost of Discipleship
Day 0180 Locked into the Body of Christ
Day 0181 The Divine-Human Chain
Day 0182 Prophets, Righteous Men, and Little Disciples
Day 0183 John the Baptist Has His Doubts
Day 0184 John, God’s Prophet
Day 0185 The Forerunner
Day 0186 The Violent Take the Kingdom
Day 0187 God Blesses the Violent?
Day 0188 John’s Revival Flop
Day 0189 John and Jesus Maligned
Day 0190 Because They Did Not Repent
Day 0191 The Stupidity of Unbelief
Day 0192 Whom God Chooses
Day 0193 Take My Yoke Upon You
Day 0194 Jesus Makes the Pharisees Mad
Day 0195 Sabbath Truth
Day 0196 I Desire Compassion
Day 0197 Saving Sheep on the Sabbath
Day 0198 A Healing Without Faith
Day 0199 Optimistic Jesus
Day 0200 The Second Messianic Miracle
Day 0201 Binding the Strong Man
Day 0202 The Unpardonable Sin
Day 0203 Words Reveal Hearts
Day 0204 Those Wicked Pharisees
Day 0205 The Great Rejection of Christ
Day 0206 The Ninevites in Heaven
Day 0207 The Queen of the South in Heaven
Day 0208 The Devil on a Leash
Day 0209 Resisting the Devil
Day 0210 Jesus’ True Family
Day 0211 Jesus Doesn’t Cast His Pearls
Day 0212 To Him Who Has Shall More Be Given
Day 0213 The Hard Soil
Day 0214 The Seed and the Shallow Soil
Day 0215 Those Dangerous Thorns
Day 0216 The Third and Fourth Soils
Day 0217 The Parable of the Wheat and Tares, Part 1
Day 0218 The Parable of the Wheat and Tares, Part 2
Day 0219 The Parable of the Wheat and Tares, Part 3
Day 0220 Three Views on Hell
Day 0221 Worms and Fire
Day 0222 Mustard Seeds and Leaven
Day 0223 The Parable of the Hidden Treasure
Day 0224 The Pearl of Great Price
Day 0225 The Parable of the Dragnet
Day 0226 Jesus Returns to Nazareth
Day 0227 Unbelief in Nazareth
Day 0228 Prophecy Fulfilled in Nazareth
Day 0229 Physician, Heal Yourself
Day 0230 No Prophet is Without Honor
Day 0231 The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me
Day 0232 When the Bad Guys Seem to Win
Day 0233 Jesus Grieves
Day 0234 The Feeding of the 30,000
Day 0235 Another Trial on the Sea of Galilee
Day 0236 Making No Progress in the Center of God’s Will
Day 0237 Jesus Almost Walks Right By
Day 0238 You’ve Got to Have a Promise
Day 0239 What Were You Sinking?
Day 0240 Almost to Jesus
Day 0241 The Tradition of the Elders, Part 1
Day 0242 The Tradition of the Elders, Part 2
Day 0243 The Tradition of the Elders, Part 3
Day 0244 Jesus Ignores a Desperate Woman
Day 0245 A Gentile Bows
Day 0246 Jesus Calls a Woman a “Dog”
Day 0247 Three Days of Miracles
Day 0248 A Camp Meeting Grand Finale
Day 0249 An Evil Generation Seeks a Sign
Day 0250 Bread Heads
Day 0251 A Little Leaven
Day 0252 So Blessed to Know
Day 0253 Five Metaphors, Part 1
Day 0254 Five Metaphors, Part 2
Day 0255 Five Metaphors, Part 3
Day 0256 Peter Rebukes God
Day 0257 God Rebukes Peter
Day 0258 Following Jesus to Death
Day 0259 Taking Up Your Cross
Day 0260 Forfeiting One’s Soul
Day 0261 Payday
Day 0262 Not Ashamed
Day 0263 Six Men on a Mountain
Day 0264 Making the Prophetic Word More Sure
Day 0265 Elijah Must Come First
Day 0266 Elijah’s Third Coming
Day 0267 A Desperate Father
Day 0268 Why the Disciples Failed
Day 0269 A Demon’s Best Shot
Day 0270 Because of the Littleness of Your Faith
Day 0271 Three Viewpoints
Day 0272 Tax-Exempt Jesus Pays a Tax
Day 0273 Like a Child
Day 0274 Like Little Children
Day 0275 The Greatest in Heaven
Day 0276 An Amazing Equation
Day 0277 Causing a Little One to Stumble
Day 0278 Woe to Stumbling Blocks
Day 0279 The Eternal, Unquenchable Fire
Day 0280 A Look at the Lake of Fire
Day 0281 Undying Worms and the Unquenchable Fire
Day 0282 Guardian Angels?
Day 0283 Leaving the Ninety-Nine
Day 0284 That None Perish
Day 0285 If Your Brother Sins…
Day 0286 The Three Steps to Reconciliation, Part 1
Day 0287 The Three Steps to Reconciliation, Part 2
Day 0288 The Three Steps to Reconciliation, Part 3
Day 0289 A Closer Look at Forgiveness
Day 0290 Peter’s Question
Day 0291 The Truth About Binding and Loosing
Day 0292 The Little Church Jesus Attends
Day 0293 Little Churches Are Legitimate Churches
Day 0294 490 Times
Day 0295 Ten Thousand Talents
Day 0296 Because You Pleaded
Day 0297 If Your Brother Sins Against You
Day 0298 Easy Divorce
Day 0299 Divorice: The Unpardonable Sin?
Day 0300 Lawful and Unlawful Divorce
Day 0301 Just Like Adultery
Day 0302 Finding Grace in the Context
Day 0303 A Mosaic Law Regarding Twice-Divorced
Day 0304 Jesus and Jesus
Day 0305 Jesus’ Remarriage Bombshell
Day 0306 Paul on Remarriage
Day 0307 All About Eunuchs
Day 0308 Kids of the Kingdom
Day 0309 Dying Children
Day 0310 No One is Good but God Alone
Day 0311 Keep the Commandments
Day 0312 Six Essential Commandments
Day 0313 What Must We do to Obtain Eternal Life?
Day 0314 If You Wish to be Complete
Day 0315 Sheep or Rich Young Goat?
Day 0316 The Biblical Way to Lay Up Treasure in Heaven
Day 0317 A Tragedy and a Greater Tragedy
Day 0318 Camels and Needle’s Eyes
Day 0319 Salvation by Works?
Day 0320 Possessions or Heaven
Day 0321 The Hundred-Fold Return
Day 0322 The Last Shall be First
Day 0323 The Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard
Day 0324 And the First, Last
Day 0325 Is Grace Unjust?
Day 0326 Perfect, Divine Fairness
Day 0327 Works and Rewards
Day 0328 The Unbelieving Disciples
Day 0329 Two Disciples Ask for a Promotion
Day 0330 The Way to Greatness
Day 0331 Did Jesus Heal One or Two Blind Beggars?
Day 0332 When Jesus Seems to Ignore You
Day 0333 Can God See Your Faith?
Day 0334 The Things that Make for Peace
Day 0335 God’s Wrath and a Roman Legion
Day 0336 Jesus Drives Out the Money Changers
Day 0337 Angry Outburst or Righteous Indignation?
Day 0338 Baby Praise
Day 0339 Curse of the Fig Tree
Day 0340 Fig Tree Mysteries Explained!
Day 0341 The Power of Doubt
Day 0342 The Essential Key to Faith
Day 0343 Forgive Everyone?
Day 0344 Modern Pharisees
Day 0345 Heaven-Bound Prostitutes
Day 0346 Ultimate Reconciliation?
Day 0347 The Stone Which the Builders Rejected
Day 0348 The Stone Mystery
Day 0349 Calvinists, Look at this Context!
Day 0350 The Good, the Bad, and the Wedding
Day 0351 What About Those Wedding Clothes
Day 0352 Many are Called, but Few are Chosen
Day 0353 A Tricky Question
Day 0354 Render to Caesar…
Day 0355 Those Sad Sadducees
Day 0356 Till Death Do Us Part
Day 0357 They Cannot Even Die Anymore
Day 0358 Two Biggies
Day 0359 A Bit of Wisdom from a Lawyer
Day 0360 Double Son
Day 0361 The Pharisees Exposed!
Day 0362 False Spiritual Appearances
Day 0363 Self-Exalting Ministry Titles
Day 0364 The Highest Title
Day 0365 How Can Someone Eat a House?
Day 0366 Religious Liars
Day 0367 Is All Sin the Same in God’s Eyes?
Day 0368 The Heart of the Problem
Day 0369 Jesus Sends Prophets
Day 0370 Not One Stone
Day 0371 Signs of What?
Day 0372 Hated by All Nations
Day 0373 Wars and Rumors of Wars
Day 0374 The Great Falling Away
Day 0375 The Coming Great Betrayal
Day 0376 The Final World-Wide Gospel Proclamation
Day 0377 When You See… Flee
Day 0378 Jerusalem Will be Trampled Underfoot Until…
Day 0379 The Abomination of Desolation, Part 1
Day 0380 The Abomination of Desolation, Part 2
Day 0381 The Abomination of Desolation, Part 3
Day 0382 The Abomination of Desolation, Part 4
Day 0383 Those Days Will be Cut Short
Day 0384 How to Survive the Tribulation
Day 0385 When is the Rapture?
Day 0386 Will Jesus Return Twice?
Day 0387 This Generation Will Not Pass Away Until…
Day 0388 Surrounding Armies or Abomination of Desolation?
Day 0389 No One Knows the Day or Hour
Day 0390 One Will be Taken and One Will be Left
Day 0391 Stay Ready
Day 0392 How to Stay Ready
Day 0393 A Thief in the Night
Day 0394 The Parable of the Ten Virgins, Part 1
Day 0395 The Parable of the Ten Virgins, Part 2
Day 0396 The Parable of the Ten Virgins, Part 3
Day 0397 Unconditional Eternal Security?
Day 0398 Who is That One-Talent Guy?
Day 0399 The Trouble with the Master
Day 0400 The Salvation Equation Includes “Works”
Day 0401 Our Standard or God’s?
Day 0402 The True Grace of God
Day 0403 The Sheep and the Goats, Part 1
Day 0404 The Sheep and the Goats, Part 2
Day 0405 The Sheep and the Goats, Part 3
Day 0406 These Scriptures Transformed My Ministry
Day 0407 Eternal Punishment in Eternal Fire
Day 0408 What a Difference a Day Can Make
Day 0409 Annihilation: An Eternal Punishment?
Day 0410 Inherent Immortality?
Day 0411 Does “Eternal Life” Mean “Living Forever”?
Day 0412 A Year’s Wages Down the Drain?
Day 0413 Egotist or God?
Day 0414 A Different Story?
Day 0415 Jesus Predicts His Betrayal
Day 0416 God’s Passover
Day 0417 The Last Supper
Day 0418 Can’t God Just Forgive?
Day 0419 Peter’s Boast
Day 0420 Satan’s Sifting of Peter
Day 0421 Agony in the Garden
Day 0422 Christ’s Conflict and Consecration
Day 0423 Learning from Jesus’ Prayers
Day 0424 Jesus Sweats Blood
Day 0425 I Am in the Garden
Day 0426 Twelve Legions of Angels
Day 0427 God on Trial
Day 0428 Jesus in Daniel
Day 0429 Peter Denies Christ
Day 0430 Judas’ Remorse
Day 0431 How Did Judas Die?
Day 0432 Jesus Before Pilate
Day 0433 Pilate Shines but Caves
Day 0434 Pilate’s Final Try
Day 0435 The Barbarians
Day 0436 The Daughters of Jerusalem
Day 0437 Jesus’ Thoughts on the Way to the Cross
Day 0438 Jesus Refuses Wine and Gall
Day 0439 They Pierced My Hands and My Feet
Day 0440 Father, Forgive Them
Day 0441 Saved by Grace
Day 0442 Jesus Remembers His Mother
Day 0443 My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?
Day 0444 It is Finished
Day 0445 The Medical Reason for Jesus’ Death
Day 0446 Today You Will be with Me in Paradise
Day 0447 Truly This Was the Son of God!
Day 0448 The Linen Wrappings
Day 0449 So Glad They Sealed the Tomb
Day 0450 Sunday Morning
Day 0451 Matthew Could be Misunderstood
Day 0452 John Pieces it All Together
Day 0453 Luke Could be Misunderstood
Day 0454 Jesus Incognito
Day 0455 The Greatest Bible Study in Human History
Day 0456 Disappearing Jesus
Day 0457 A Big Sunday Night Appearance?
Day 0458 And How Did the Fish Get Out of the Room?
Day 0459 Why is This Verse Ignored?
Day 0460 The Bribe
Day 0461 The Unbelievable Lie
Day 0462 As the Father Has Sent Me, I Also Send You
Day 0463 If You Retain the Sins of Any
Day 0464 Thank God for Doubting Thomas
Day 0465 153 Large Fish
Day 0466 Peter Swims 100 Yards
Day 0467 Do You Love Me More Than These?
Day 0468 Two Words for Love
Day 0469 Jesus Misinterpreted Again
Day 0470 These Signs Will Follow Those Who Believe
Day 0471 Teaching them to Obey
Day 0472 He Gave Orders
Day 0473 Until You are Clothed with Power
Day 0474 Why the Power?
Day 0475 Time to Replace Judas
Day 0476 The Problem with Imprecatory Prayers
Day 0477 Let Another Man Take His Office
Day 0478 Matthias, God’s Choice or Man’s?
Day 0479 How Do You Find God’s Will?
Day 0480 They Were All Filled with the Holy Spirit
Day 0481 As the Spirit Gave Them Utterance
Day 0482 Speaking in Other Tongues
Day 0483 Lots of Languages
Day 0484 Empowered for What?
Day 0485 Secrets to the Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Day 0486 Peter’s Pentecost Sermon
Day 0487 Peter’s Preaches from a Psalm, Part 1
Day 0488 Peter’s Preaches from a Psalm, Part 2
Day 0489 What Should We Do?
Day 0490 The Red Letters
Day 0491 A Mark of Counterfeit Christians and Their Churches
Day 0492 Breaking of Bread
Day 0493 A Question About the Lord’s Supper
Day 0494 Can True Church Life be Organized?
Day 0495 They Held All Things in Common
Day 0496 Biblical Poverty and Biblical Charity
Day 0497 Not a Needy Person Among Them
Day 0498 The Lord Was Adding to Their Number
Day 0499 He Asked for Alms But Got Legs
Day 0500 Religious Zombies
Day 0501 The Crux of the Gospel
Day 0502 What Are the “Times of Refreshing”?
Day 0503 The Period of Restoration of All Things
Day 0504 All the Families of the Earth Shall Be Blessed
Day 0505 The Doctrine Police
Day 0506 The Stone that the Builders Rejected
Day 0507 Damage Control
Day 0508 Had God Forgotten?
Day 0509 A Prophetic Psalm
Day 0510 Why the Devil?
Day 0511 And You Perish in the Way
Day 0512 God Can Make You Bolder!
Day 0513 Of One Heart and Soul
Day 0514 Questions About Tithing
Day 0515 Giving to the Rich?
Day 0516 $500,000 Non-Profit Salaries?
Day 0517 Ananias and Sapphira’s Fatal Sin
Day 0518 Great Fear Came Over All
Day 0519 Modern-Day Judgment
Day 0520 Cessationists and Their Skeptics
Day 0521 Miracles in Your Life
Day 0522 The Jealous Sadducees
Day 0523 Big and Little Meetings
Day 0524 Peter Takes the Stand
Day 0525 God Grants Repentance
Day 0526 Gamaliel’s Life-Saving Council
Day 0527 Beaten for Christ
Day 0528 The Church Cares for Widows
Day 0529 Seven Good Men
Day 0530 Who are the Worthy Widows?
Day 0531 Worse Than Unbelievers
Day 0532 A False Concept About Discipleship Exposed
Day 0533 Stephen’s Defense, Part 1
Day 0534 Stephen’s Defense, Part 2
Day 0535 Stephen’s Defense, Part 3
Day 0536 Jesus Stands in Heaven
Day 0537 Why Did God Allow Stephen’s Martyrdom?
Day 0538 When Constantine was “Converted”
Day 0539 The First Missionary
Day 0540 Convincing Miracles
Day 0541 Peter and John Head for Samaria
Day 0542 The Holy Spirit Falls in Samaria
Day 0543 Simon Makes an Offer
Day 0544 Every Evangelist’s Dream
Day 0545 A Receptive Ethiopian
Day 0546 Amazing Isaiah 53
Day 0547 Saul Sees the Light
Day 0548 Saul is Sovereignly Saved
Day 0549 Special Grace at Saul’s Salvation
Day 0550 When God Clobbered Saul, He Was Thinking of You!
Day 0551 Saul Receives His Sight and the Holy Spirit
Day 0552 Persecutor to Preacher
Day 0553 A False Doctrine Debunked
Day 0554 What Ever Happened to the Fear of the Lord?
Day 0555 Peter is Used to Heal Aeneas
Day 0556 Saint Tabitha
Day 0557 The Impact of a Miracle
Day 0558 Hearts of Clay and Wax
Day 0559 A Devout Gentile
Day 0560 An Angel Appears to Gentile Cornelius
Day 0561 A Momentous Meeting
Day 0562 Peter Jumps a Fence
Day 0563 Who is Welcome to God?
Day 0564 Peter’s Good Gospel
Day 0565 The Holy Spirit Falls on the Gentiles
Day 0566 Peter on Trial
Day 0567 Peter Tells His Story
Day 0568 Why James Now?
Day 0569 A Comparison of Trials
Day 0570 Consider it All Joy
Day 0571 If You Lack Wisdom…
Day 0572 Asking With Faith
Day 0573 Like Flowering Grass They Pass
Day 0574 The Crown of Life
Day 0575 Temptation’s Source
Day 0576 What Happens When We Sin?
Day 0577 Temptations and Tests
Day 0578 God’s Anger Versus Our Anger
Day 0579 The Perfect Law
Day 0580 Want Blessing?
Day 0581 Think You Are Spiritual?
Day 0582 Widows and Orphans
Day 0583 God Chose the Poor
Day 0584 The Law of the King
Day 0585 Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment
Day 0586 A Merciless Judgement
Day 0587 Faith Without Mercy?
Day 0588 The Reformers Wiggle
Day 0589 Helping the Hurting
Day 0590 Faith Alone
Day 0591 Useless Faith
Day 0592 Abraham, Justified by Works
Day 0593 When Abraham was Saved
Day 0594 James Vs. Paul
Day 0595 Was Paul Purely a “Faith Man”?
Day 0596 Paul Sounds Like James
Day 0597 Let Not Many of You Become Teachers
Day 0598 Some Advice for Bible Teachers
Day 0599 The Bridled Tongue
Day 0600 What’s in Your Heart?
Day 0601 The Wisdom Test
Day 0602 Demonic Wisdom in the Church
Day 0603 The Seed Whose Fruit is Righteousness
Day 0604 When Greek Seems Greek
Day 0605 The Source of Quarrels and Conflicts
Day 0606 Murderers in the Church?
Day 0607 You Adulteresses!
Day 0608 God’s Tension Between His Jealousy and Grace
Day 0609 Submit and Resist
Day 0610 Do Not Speak Against One Another
Day 0611 Judging the Law
Day 0612 Your Life Tomorrow
Day 0613 A Rebuke for Abraham?
Day 0614 In the Last Days You Have Stored Up Your Treasure
Day 0615 The Unrighteous Rich
Day 0616 Be Patient Therefore…
Day 0617 The Latter Rain
Day 0618 Do Not Complain…
Day 0619 Two Sins, Two Judgments
Day 0620 But Above All…
Day 0621 Is Anyone Among You Sick?
Day 0622 Recognizing One Means of God’s Discipline
Day 0623 So That You May Be Healed
Day 0624 Eating and Drinking Judgement
Day 0625 Eating Right
Day 0626 The Prayer of Faith
Day 0627 If Any Among You Strays
Day 0628 The New Testament Church Without the New Testament
Day 0629 Barnabas Witnesses God’s Grace
Day 0630 A Double Deception
Day 0631 A Really Revelatory Prophecy
Day 0632 Two Ways to Judge Prophecy
Day 0633 Prophecy Will Cease
Day 0634 Two Categories of Lovers
Day 0635 Peter’s Sweet Sleep
Day 0636 The Apostle Peter’s Great Escape
Day 0637 Herod Reaps What He Has Sown
Day 0638 There Were Prophets and Teachers
Day 0639 Spectacular Guidance
Day 0640 An Intelligent Man
Day 0641 Another Filling of the Holy Spirit
Day 0642 Did Miracles Cease When the New Testament was Completed?
Day 0643 Paul’s Sermon Surprise
Day 0644 Today I Have Begotten You
Day 0645 Harvests That Aren’t Really Harvests
Day 0646 The Perishing of Scoffers
Day 0647 The Galatian Gentile Revival
Day 0648 Gentiles Appointed to Eternal Life
Day 0649 Flight from Iconium
Day 0650 A Miracle at Lystra
Day 0651 Healed by His Faith
Day 0652 A Mis-Reaction to Paul’s Message
Day 0653 Restraining the Pagans
Day 0654 A Fickle Crowd and a Tough Apostle
Day 0655 The Higher Ranking of Disciples
Day 0656 Non-Credentialed Elders/Pastors
Day 0657 The Church’s First Doctrinal Controversy
Day 0658 An Important Conference in Jerusalem
Day 0659 What the Jerusalem Debate Was Not About
Day 0660 Time to Read Galatians
Day 0661 Paul’s Gospel of Grace
Day 0662 Paul, an Apostle from God
Day 0663 A Distortion of a Distortion
Day 0664 An Unnecessary Surgery
Day 0665 The History of Paul
Day 0666 Paul Doubts His Gospel
Day 0667 Remember the Poor
Day 0668 Paul a Gossip?
Day 0669 Paul’s Showdown with Peter
Day 0670 A Way That Gentiles Can’t be Saved
Day 0671 An Objection Answered
Day 0672 I Have Been Crucified with Christ
Day 0673 Jesus Publicly Portrayed as Crucified
Day 0674 The Spirit Came Through Faith
Day 0675 Abraham’s Example
Day 0676 Abraham’s Salvation Story
Day 0677 Who are the Sons of Abraham?
Day 0678 God’s Three Sets of Laws
Day 0679 The Righteous Man Shall Live By Faith
Day 0680 Two Ways to Eternal Life
Day 0681 He Will Surely Live and Not Die
Day 0682 The Curse of the Law
Day 0683 The Definition of “Live”
Day 0684 Abraham’s Blessing
Day 0685 Human Contracts
Day 0686 In Abraham’s Seed
Day 0687 God Keeps His Deals
Day 0688 Is Paul’s Letter to the Galatians Even Relevant?
Day 0689 Why the Law of Moses?
Day 0690 Scripture Has Shut Up Everyone Under Sin
Day 0691 The Mosaic Law, a Tutor
Day 0692 You are Abraham’s Seed
Day 0693 Slaves and Sons
Day 0694 Paul Preached Because of a Bodily Illness?
Day 0695 A Trial to You in My Bodily Condition
Day 0696 You Would Have Plucked Out Your Eyes
Day 0697 Abraham’s Two Sons
Day 0698 The Jerusalem Above
Day 0699 Christ Has Set Us Free from What?
Day 0700 Do Not be Subject to a Yoke of Slavery
Day 0701 Is it Possible to Fall from Grace?
Day 0702 If You Continue in the Faith
Day 0703 Faith Working by Love
Day 0704 The Whole Law Summarized in One Word
Day 0705 Misapplying God’s Law
Day 0706 You are in a War!
Day 0707 Is There a Magic Formula to be Holy?
Day 0708 Every Man’s Temptation
Day 0709 The Spirit’s Role in Overcoming the Flesh
Day 0710 Those Who Practice Such Things
Day 0711 Those Who Belong to Christ
Day 0712 The Divine Purpose in Temptation
Day 0713 The Worst Thing About Deception
Day 0714 Sowing to Reap Eternal Life (or Corruption)
Day 0715 Reaping Eternal Life by Perseverance
Day 0716 While We Have Opportunity…
Day 0717 Wonderful New Life
Day 0718 The Jerusalem Debate Begins
Day 0719 A Yoke No One Can Bear
Day 0720 Burdens Pastors Put on People
Day 0721 One Small Compromise for Gentiles
Day 0722 It Seemed Good to Silas
Day 0723 Paul and Barnabas Split Up
Day 0724 Paul the Hypocrite?
Day 0725 Forbidden by the Spirit to Preach the Gospel?
Day 0726 The First Christian in Europe
Day 0727 A Bragging Demon
Day 0728 Happy to Suffer
Day 0729 What Must I do to be Saved?
Day 0730 Household Salvation?
Day 0731 A New Normal for the Philippian Jailer
Day 0732 New Testament Follow-Up
Day 0733 It’s a Little Better in Berea
Day 0734 Agitated in Athens
Day 0735 Witnessing Wisdom from the Apostle Paul
Day 0736 God the Great Tickler
Day 0737 Different Crowd, Different Method, Same Gospel
Day 0738 Your True Career
Day 0739 Jesus Visits Corinth
Day 0740 There’s Going to be a Revival
Day 0741 His Choice of You
Day 0742 The Full-Conviction Gospel
Day 0743 A Great Imitation
Day 0744 God Tests Our Hearts
Day 0745 God is Testing Your Heart
Day 0746 A Different Kind of Apostle
Day 0747 A Divine Purpose in Persecution
Day 0748 Pastors and Their Flakey Flocks
Day 0749 Paul’s Big Fear
Day 0750 What Was Important to Paul?
Day 0751 How to Please God
Day 0752 God’s Will for You: Sexual Sanctification
Day 0753 Love Works
Day 0754 Do Not be in Any Need
Day 0755 Five Love Levels
Day 0756 When Christians Die
Day 0757 Where are Dead Christians?
Day 0758 The Day of the Lord and the Rapture
Day 0759 Rapture Before Antichrist?
Day 0760 End Times Error
Day 0761 Like a Thief in the Night
Day 0762 The Breastplate of Faith and Love
Day 0763 Not Destined for Wrath
Day 0764 Goat Churches
Day 0765 Give Thanks for Everything?
Day 0766 Do Not Quench the Spirit
Day 0767 Don’t Despise Prophecy
Day 0768 Spirit, Soul and Body
Day 0769 A Plain Indication of God’s Righteous Judgment
Day 0770 When God Runs Out of Mercy
Day 0771 The Time When Persecution Will Cease
Day 0772 Obey the Gospel?
Day 0773 Staying “Worthy”
Day 0774 The Coming Apostasy
Day 0775 Jesus is Not Coming Back Today
Day 0776 The Escalation of Lawlessness
Day 0777 Who Now Restrains the Antichrist?
Day 0778 The Future Great Deception
Day 0779 Why Doesn’t God Do More to Convince Unbelievers?
Day 0780 When God Sends a Deluding Influence
Day 0781 Chosen by God
Day 0782 Stay Away from Unruly Brethren
Day 0783 Should We Care For All the Poor?