HeavenWord TV Video Devotions

Chronological study through the New Testament

Join David Servant as he teaches chronologically through the New Testament, verse-by-verse. You are sure to appreciate David’s balanced, yet non-compromising teaching of God’s Word. And you’ll gain new insights that will help you as you follow our Lord Jesus.

You can view any of our 30-minute weekly episodes below:

Podcast Archive
Week Title
Week 0001 The Beginning
Week 0002 Gaining Guidance from God
Week 0003 God Guides the Faithful
Week 0004 What Happened to John the Baptist’s Gospel?
Week 0005 John Predicts and Baptizes Jesus
Week 0006 Jesus’ First Temptation
Week 0007 Jesus’ Second and Final Temptation
Week 0008 Should we be like Jesus?
Week 0009 Boat Loads of Blessings
Week 0010 The Beginning of the Beatitudes
Week 0011 The Beatitudes Continued
Week 0012 Salt, Light, and Good Works
Week 0013 Pivotal Points in Jesus’ Sermon
Week 0014 Loving the Saints
Week 0015 If We Don’t Get Along…
Week 0016 What Constitutes Adultery, Part 1
Week 0017 What Constitutes Adultery, Part 2
Week 0018 Divorce and Remarriage
Week 0019 Making Vows and Taking Revenge
Week 0020 An Eye for an Eye
Week 0021 Loving Your Neighbors and Enemies
Week 0022 Jesus on Alms Giving
Week 0023 Jesus on Prayer
Week 0024 The Lord’s Prayer, Part 1
Week 0025 The Lord’s Prayer, Part 2
Week 0026 Fasting, Part 1
Week 0027 Fasting, Part 2
Week 0028 Jesus on Money, Part 1
Week 0029 Jesus on Money, Part 2
Week 0030 Jesus on Judging
Week 0031 Spiritual Pigs & Dogs
Week 0032 Incredible Prayer Promises
Week 0033 More on Prayer
Week 0034 God’s Golden Rule
Week 0035 The Broad & Narrow Ways
Week 0036 Knowing Them by Their Fruits
Week 0037 Jesus Summarizes His Sermon
Week 0038 A Mind-Blowing Messianic Miracle
Week 0039 The Roman Centurion’s Great Faith
Week 0040 Incredible Encouragement for Healing
Week 0041 More Encouragement for Healing
Week 0042 Jesus Expects Our Highest Allegiance
Week 0043 Flush Out Fear, Fill Up on Faith
Week 0044 Jesus Drowns the 5,000, Part 1
Week 0045 Jesus Drowns the 5,000, Part 2
Week 0046 Jesus Drowns the 5,000, Part 3
Week 0047 The Faith of Five, Part 1
Week 0048 The Faith of Five, Part 2
Week 0049 Jesus, Friend of Sinners
Week 0050 New Tricks and Old Dogs
Week 0051 A Miracle Within a Miracle, Part 1
Week 0052 A Miracle Within a Miracle, Part 2
Week 0053 Two Blind Men and Their Faith
Week 0054 The Waiting Harvest
Week 0055 Jesus Instructs the Twelve
Week 0056 Taking Back Your Blessing
Week 0057 Sheep, Wolves, Snakes and Doves
Week 0058 More Than Sparrows
Week 0059 The Highest Allegiance
Week 0060 Christian Atheists
Week 0061 A Beautiful, Big Package
Week 0062 Jesus’ Favorite Preacher
Week 0063 Jesus’ Love-Hate Relationship
Week 0064 Come to Me and Find Rest
Week 0065 The Fence Laws
Week 0066 Goats with Logs
Week 0067 The Second Messianic Miracle
Week 0068 The Hardest of Hearts
Week 0069 Amazing Facts from Nineveh and Sheeba
Week 0070 Devilology 101
Week 0071 Parable of the Sower and the Soils, Part 1
Week 0072 Parable of the Sower and the Soils, Part 2
Week 0073 Parable of the Wheat and Tares
Week 0074 A Little Different Look at Hell
Week 0075 Three Little Parables
Week 0076 Jesus Goes Home
Week 0077 A “Killer” Sermon
Week 0078 Getting Through Grief
Week 0079 Is Jesus in Your Boat?
Week 0080 Wavering Faith on the Waves
Week 0081 Evil Deeds from Evil Hearts
Week 0082 When God Ignores Prayer
Week 0083 Three Days of Miracles
Week 0084 Peter’s Blessing
Week 0085 Five Metaphors
Week 0086 Destination: Death
Week 0087 Jesus’ Calling to Self-Denial
Week 0088 A Mountain Top Experience
Week 0089 Coming Down the Mountain
Week 0090 All Things Are Possible to Believers
Week 0091 Tax-Exempt Jesus Pays a Tax
Week 0092 Twelve Selfish Fellows
Week 0093 Woe to Stumbling Blocks
Week 0094 Guardian Angels?
Week 0095 Leaving the Ninety-Nine
Week 0096 A Closer Look at Forgiveness, Part 1
Week 0097 A Closer Look at Forgiveness, Part 2
Week 0098 The Little Church That Jesus Attends
Week 0099 The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant
Week 0100 More on Divorce and Remarriage, Part 1
Week 0101 More on Divorce and Remarriage, Part 2
Week 0102 More on Divorce and Remarriage, Part 3
Week 0103 Kids of the Kingdom
Week 0104 The Rich Young Ruler, Part 1
Week 0105 The Rich Young Ruler, Part 2
Week 0106 The Rich Young Ruler, Part 3
Week 0107 The Rich Young Ruler, Part 4
Week 0108 The Parable of the Laborers, Part 1
Week 0109 The Parable of the Laborers, Part 2
Week 0110 The Way to Greatness
Week 0111 The Healing of Blind Bartimaeus and His Blind Buddy
Week 0112 The Donkey Whisperer Gets Violent
Week 0113 Jesus Curses a Fig Tree
Week 0114 The Essential Key to Faith
Week 0115 Table-Turning Teacher
Week 0116 Unwitting “Prophets”
Week 0117 A Wild Wedding
Week 0118 Some Tricky Questions
Week 0119 Those Sad Sadducees
Week 0120 Not Far from the Kingdom of God
Week 0121 Self-Exalting Ministry Titles
Week 0122 Religious Liars
Week 0123 Is All Sin the Same in God’s Eyes?
Week 0124 What Should We Expect?
Week 0125 The Great Falling Away
Week 0126 70AD or Not Yet?
Week 0127 The Abomination of Desolation
Week 0128 How to Survive the Tribulation
Week 0129 When Jesus Returns
Week 0130 Will Jesus Return Today?
Week 0131 Stay Ready
Week 0132 The Parable of the Ten Virgins
Week 0133 The Parable of the Talents
Week 0134 The Salvation Equation Includes “Works”
Week 0135 The Sheep and the Goats
Week 0136 More Sheep and Goat Stuff
Week 0137 Hidden Insights into John 3:16
Week 0138 Jesus and Some Perfume
Week 0139 The Last Supper
Week 0140 Satan’s Sifting of Peter
Week 0141 Christ’s Conflict and Consecration
Week 0142 Heads Almost Roll in the Garden
Week 0143 God on Trial
Week 0144 Judas’ Remorse
Week 0145 You and Barabbas
Week 0146 It Wasn’t the Nails…
Week 0147 Saved by Grace
Week 0148 Jesus’ Final Moments
Week 0149 Jesus Disembodied
Week 0150 So Glad They Sealed the Tomb
Week 0151 What Really Happened on Resurrection Sunday
Week 0152 A Burning-Heart Bible Study
Week 0153 A Big Sunday Night Appearance?
Week 0154 The Greatest Lie Ever Told
Week 0155 Thank God for Doubting Thomas
Week 0156 An Encouraging Encounter
Week 0157 The Important End of Matthew
Week 0158 Why the Power?
Week 0159 Time to Replace Judas
Week 0160 They Were All Filled with the Holy Spirit
Week 0161 Speaking in Other Tongues
Week 0162 Empowered for What?
Week 0163 Peter’s Pentecost Sermon
Week 0164 Life in the Early Church
Week 0165 The Main Reason the Early Church Was Different
Week 0166 Who are the Poor?
Week 0167 He Asked for Alms But Got Legs
Week 0168 The Period of Restoration of All Things
Week 0169 Peter and John on Trial
Week 0170 How to Pray When You Feel Overwhelmed
Week 0171 God Can Make You Bolder!
Week 0172 Smart Stewardship
Week 0173 Ananias and Sapphira’s Fatal Sin
Week 0174 Cessationists and Their Skeptics
Week 0175 A Prison Break and a Trial
Week 0176 The Sanhedrin Suppresses the Truth Again
Week 0177 Widows, Widows, Widows
Week 0178 Stephen Skewers the Stiff-Necked Sanhedrin
Week 0179 Jesus Stands in Heaven
Week 0180 The Constantian Shift
Week 0181 The Holy Spirit Falls in Samaria
Week 0182 Every Evangelist’s Dream
Week 0183 Special Grace at Saul’s Salvation
Week 0184 For God So Loved the World, that He Clobbered Saul
Week 0185 What Ever Happened to the Fear of the Lord?
Week 0186 Hearts of Clay and Wax
Week 0187 A Momentous Meeting
Week 0188 Who is Welcome to God?
Week 0189 Peter on Trial
Week 0190 Tests and Trials
Week 0191 Asking With Faith
Week 0192 Temptation’s Source
Week 0193 A Huge Delusion
Week 0194 Think You Are Spiritual
Week 0195 The Law of the King
Week 0196 The Reformers Wiggle
Week 0197 Useless Faith
Week 0198 James Vs. Paul
Week 0199 Was Paul Purely a “Faith Man”?
Week 0200 The Bridled Tongue
Week 0201 The Wisdom Test
Week 0202 When Greek Seems Greek
Week 0203 Grace: Unconditional or Conditional?
Week 0204 Finding Faults
Week 0205 In the Last Days You Have Stored Up Your Treasure
Week 0206 The Latter Rain
Week 0207 Two Sins, Two Judgments
Week 0208 One Means of God’s Discipline
Week 0209 Reasons Christians are Sick
Week 0210 A New Testament Church Without the New Testament
Week 0211 Two Ways to Judge Prophecy
Week 0212 Sweet Dreams for Peter
Week 0213 Herod Reaps What He Has Sown
Week 0214 Another Filling of the Holy Spirit
Week 0215 Harvests That Aren’t Really Harvests
Week 0216 The Galatian Gentile Revival
Week 0217 Healed by His Faith
Week 0218 A Fickle Crowd and a Tough Apostle
Week 0219 The Church’s First Doctrinal Controversy
Week 0220 An Important Conference in Jerusalem