Infidel for Christ

This month I have another video recommendation. It is a 45-minute secular documentary about Mosab Hassan Yousef, a young Palestinian man who has believed in the Lord Jesus. The documentary is encouraging for several reasons.

First, if anyone would seem to be born disadvantaged to believe in Jesus, Mosab Yousef was that person. He was raised under the influence of a father who is one of the founders of Hamas, the Islamic terrorist group that governs the Gaza portion of the Palestinian Territories and is devoted to the destruction of Israel. Mosab was at one time the leader of the radical Islamic Youth Movement of Hamas. But when he heard some truth about Jesus, his heart yielded to the Spirit. It demonstrates that anyone can believe in Jesus, regardless of their background, even those steeped in anti-Christian culture.

This documentary is also encouraging because it is obvious that Mosab believes, not in American Jesus, but Bible Jesus, and he is devoted to Him, willing to die if necessary for the sake of the gospel. He gave up everything, including his family, to follow Jesus. His boldness during his interview is inspiring.

In the next few subsequent months of HeavenWord, I hope to delve further into God’s workings to draw everyone to Himself, of which the story of Mosab Yousef is such an excellent example.

Every blessing,


Here is the video:

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