Think About Thinking

By David Servant

When you think about, it is astounding that every person on the planet isn’t thinking about God constantly, and that He is not the primary subject of every conversation and communication.

People, for example, think, and they take thinking totally for granted, although no one understands how it actually occurs. Neurologists might suggest it is a combination of chemicals and electrical signals, but that is as far as they can take us. The rest is complete mystery. Add the storage of memories, language and knowledge—millions of pieces of data that have accumulated via five amazing senses, such as images that have entered the lenses of our eyes to be transmitted via electrical signals to our brains, and sounds that have traveled through the air into our ear canals that also transmit electrical signals to our brains. These, and a million other examples, only multiply all the mystery.

I’ve only described an infinitesimally-small fraction of the overall mystery that comprises what everyone does every waking second of their lives. We think, silently conversing with ourselves in a complex language that we have learned, stored and organized. There are words in our brains! And yet we rarely stop and think about how mysterious and miraculous thinking is!

Thinking, and a trillion other unexplainable phenomena that everyone experiences all their lives, testifies of God’s existence, power and character, as well as a purpose for our own existence. If people just thought about all of it for five seconds, they would be on their knees, seeking to know the Creator and discover His purpose for their existence. But they, as Scripture says, are “blind,” “deaf,” “asleep,” and even “dead.”

Think about it…