The Brownie Surprise

by David Servant

Dear Friends,

I wrote the article that follows in 2005. It is a true story about an incident that occurred when I was pastoring my last church. I’ve since discovered that my article has been published on hundreds of Christian websites and forums. Interestingly, I’ve also discovered my article published on scores of Muslim websites, but always with any reference to Christianity or the Bible removed.

In any case, I thought it would be good this month to re-publish ‘The Brownie Surprise’ for the benefit of those who have never read this classic e-teaching. Enjoy and apply! — David

The Brownie Surprise - A Teaching by David Servant

Some years ago when I was a pastor, I walked into my church office after a Sunday morning service to find a sandwich bag on my desk containing three chocolate brownies. Some thoughtful and anonymous saint who knew my love for chocolate had placed them there, along with a piece of paper that had a short story written on it. I immediately sat down and began eating the first brownie as I read the following story:

Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Recent Prophetic Dreams (How Should We Respond?)

A Little Lessons Series

Pastor Dana Coverstone has made a stir in the evangelical world after publishing several videos describing vivid, supposedly prophetic dreams he’s had about 2020 and 2021. How should we respond to these dreams? Some take them very seriously. Others have renounced them as false and dangerous. David Servant shares his views on Pastor Dana’s dreams and how he believes Christians should respond to them. Learn more!

Pastor Dana Coverstone talking about his recent prophetic dreams