Single and Sexual

Sex is for Christians! A Joy-Filled Look at the Blessings of Biblical Sexuality - Chapter 2

PLEASE NOTE: This e-teaching is not appropriate for children, preadolescents, and many adolescents.

A guide for singles struggling with their sexuality

As I was writing the previous chapter, my heart was going out to single adults who are striving to be sexually pure, as I knew I might be stirring desires they’re struggling to suppress. (My heart was also going out to married couples whose sex lives aren’t as Edenic as God intended, but I hope to remedy that in latter chapters.)

It’s not always easy to follow Jesus in a sex-saturated society, and it is especially challenging for single Christians. The temptation to compromise sexually on some level is significant.

Consider the email below that I received from a Kenyan teenager while I was writing this chapter. You may be surprised to read how young she was when she was introduced to porn and became sexually active, but her story represents the tragic experience and regular struggles of innumerable Christian singles: