God’s Tests

A Book For Anyone Who Has Ever Asked "Why Me Lord?"

God's Test Book Cover

“If God loves me, why am I facing these difficulties? What did I do to deserve this? Am I being chastened by God or attacked by the devil? Is God trying to teach me something in all of this?”

If you’ve ever found yourself asking those kinds of questions, then this book is for you. David Servant offers satisfying, understandable answers to life’s trials and dilemmas. Drawing from the many biblical examples of God testing individuals, he concludes that victory is always God’s ultimate will, and that there is no reason for any believer to remain in the valley of defeat. Your faith in God can deliver you, and you can pass every test!

Part 1: All About Tests

Chapter 1: Primeval Tests

Chapter 2: In the Wilderness

Chapter 3: Midnight Praise

Chapter 4: The God Who Watches

Chapter 5: The Training of the Twelve

Chapter 6: Jesus Tests the Sick

Part 2: Who’s in Control Here?

Chapter 7: Two Views

Chapter 8: God’s Sovereignty and Our Authority

Chapter 9: God’s Restraining Power Over Satan

Chapter 10: Satan – Tool of God’s Judgment

Chapter 11: The God of this World

Chapter 12: The Judgment of God

Part 3: Tried and Found True

Chapter 13: S.I.T.s, M.I.T.s, and D.I.T.s

Chapter 14: Joseph’s Journey

Chapter 15: David’s Destiny

Chapter 16: Paul’s Path

Chapter 17: Job’s Test

Part 4: Wrapping it Up

Chapter 18: When Christians are Persecuted

Chapter 19: When the Beginning Ends