Parables of Jesus DVD Series, Part 2

Jesus often spoke to His followers in parables to help them understand the mysteries of His kingdom. In Part 1, David Servant took a closer look at nine of Jesus’ most well-known parables. In his latest DVD series, David tackles sixteen more of Jesus’ parables, including The Unfaithful Servant, The Ten Virgins, The Talents, The Midnight Visitor, The Unjust Judge, The Vine and Branches, The Barren Fig Tree, The Invited Guest, The Pharisee and Publican, The Lost Sheep, The Ten Silver Coins, The Prodigal Son, The Two Sons, The Land Owner, The Wedding Feast and The Good Shepherd.

As you might suspect, David makes no attempt to alter or soften the challenging messages contained within any of Jesus’ parables. Each thought-provoking study is perfect for personal devotions, group Bible studies, Sunday school classes and home churches.

This four-DVD set includes thirteen 30-minute teachings that were filmed in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. You can order your DVD set below for $35—which includes an attractive case and free shipping in the U.S.

Product Details

Publisher: Heaven’s Family
Episodes: 13 Episodes on 4 DVDs
Location:Filmed in South Dakota
Price: $35.00 (free shipping)

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