Day 261, Congratulations! And some final words.

First of all—congratulations for reading through the entire New Testament—chronologically, no less—over the past 12 months. I hope that you’ve been as blessed as I have as we’ve studied the most important part of the most important book ever written. A lovely journey for both of us!

When I first committed myself to this project, I was probably biting off more than I should. I found myself waking up by 5 AM most mornings—without an alarm clock—motivated in my mind to complete one day’s writing before I headed off to work at the offices of Heaven’s Family. During that year’s worth of writing, Heaven’s Family grew from four employees to ten, and we moved our offices from my home’s sunporch to rented commercial office space. I also traveled during those 12 months on ministry trips to Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, England, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Kenya, Burundi, and twice to Myanmar. It was a very full year, to say the least.

In any case, my goal was your and my spiritual growth, and so I hope I’ve succeeded in challenging you to serve the Lord with deeper devotion and greater zeal. I also wanted to expose you to some of the many opportunities available through the ministry of Heaven’s Family to love Jesus by serving “the least of these” among His family around the world. That is why one of our ministry funds was highlighted in the side bar of almost every issue of HeavenWord Daily. Our vision is to serve you by helping you to serve poor believers around the world who are facing very pressing needs. If you haven’t allowed us to do that for you yet, I would like to invite you this final time.

A few readers have asked me if I intend to write HeavenWord Daily devotionals for the Old Testament. The answer, at least for now, is “no” because of lack of time. We are, however, filming a video teaching series that will take viewers through the entire New Testament chronologically that will be a much more in-depth study than HeavenWord Daily. We’re producing two versions of those video teachings: HeavenWord TV, a 30-minute broadcast, and HeavenWord 7, which are seven-minute segments of HeavenWord TV designed for daily devotions. You can subscribe to the podcasts of those broadcasts on our website or view them there.

Please do recommend HeavenWord Daily to your friends and relatives who love the Lord, as it will always be available on our website. They can sign up on any day of the year, and on the very next weekday, Day 1 will be in their inbox early in the morning. You can also purchase hardbound book copies of HeavenWord Daily by clicking here.

Again, congratulations on reaching your goal. I recommend treating yourself to something good and healthy! Personally, I’m treating myself to a strawberry and banana smoothie with a dash of honey! Thank you, Jesus! — David