Day 74 – The Value of Children

Matthew 18:10-14; 19:13-15

Daily Devotionals for Families

The first part of today’s reading is a continuation of what we read yesterday, when Jesus was teaching about the value of little children who believe in Him. Today we again learn that it’s wrong to despise little believers because God places such a high value upon them. He cares about them so much that He has specially-assigned angels that watch over them. That tells us how God values them. People on earth hire guards to watch and protect only what is valuable to them, and God is the same. Also, those specially-assigned angels are not second-string angels who have nothing else to do, and thus God makes them watch children just to keep them busy. They are not angels who are low-on-the-totem pole angels, who live in the most remote places in heaven, far from the action. No, the angels who watch over God’s little children are angels who are very close to God, constantly in His presence.

Some children believe in Jesus, but are led astray, just like a sheep might wander away from its flock. Jesus said that is was not the will of His Father that a believing child would ever go astray and ultimately perish, and He will go to great lengths to seek and rescue that child. So we should have the same attitude towards younger believers. Did you realize how special and important you are to God?

This is why your parents are taking time each day to teach you God’s Word. You’re very important to God, and no matter what other important things your parents have to do, the most important thing they can do is what they’re doing right now.

Unfortunately, just one chapter later, we find that as parents were bringing their children to Jesus for Him to lay hands on them and pray for them, the disciples were telling the parents not to bother Him. Why? Simply because they didn’t think that such children were worthy of Jesus’ time. But Jesus corrected them sternly. Jesus treated kids like most people only treat politicians, company presidents and movie stars!

Q. So you’re a kid and now you know how much God values you. Should you now strut around like a proud peacock, expecting people to treat you like a president or movie star?

A. No, God wants you to be a servant, considering others as being more important than yourself. He loves you a great deal, but not more than anyone else.

Application: It’s wonderful to know that God loves all His children very much, young and old. That is why we should love each other, and not overlook anyone who believes in Jesus.