Further Proof of God’s Supreme Authority Over Satan

There are many other scriptures that abundantly prove that God did not lose any control over Satan at the fall of man. The Bible repeatedly affirms that God always has had and always will have complete control over Satan. The devil can do only what God permits. Let’s first examine some Old Testament illustrations of this fact.

The first two chapters of the book of Job include a classic example of God’s authority over Satan. There we read of Satan, before the throne of God, accusing Job. Job was obeying God more than any other person on the earth at the time, and so naturally, Satan targeted him. God knew Satan had “set his heart” on Job (Job 1:8, see note in margin of NASB), and He listened as Satan accused Job of serving Him only because of all the blessings he enjoyed (see Job 1:9-12).

Satan said that God had put a hedge around Job and requested that He take away Job’s blessings. Consequently, God permitted Satan to afflict Job to a limited degree. Initially, Satan could not touch Job’s body. Later, however, God did allow Satan to afflict Job’s body, yet forbade Satan to kill him (Job 2:5-6).

This one passage of scripture clearly proves that Satan cannot do anything he wants. He couldn’t touch Job’s possessions until God permitted him. He couldn’t steal Job’s health until God permitted him. And he couldn’t kill Job because God would not allow it. God has control over Satan, even since the fall of Adam.