Some Practical Advice

Begin to look to your spirit for those perceptions and impressions that are the Holy Spirit’s leadings. You will probably make some mistakes at first thinking that the Holy Spirit is leading you when He isn’t, but that’s normal. Don’t be discouraged; just keep at it.

It also helps to spend time in a quiet place, praying in tongues and reading the Bible. When we pray in other tongues, it is our spirit that prays, and we naturally tend to be more sensitive to our spirits then. By reading and meditating in the Word of God, we also become more sensitive to our spirits because God’s Word is spiritual food.

When God leads you in a certain direction, His leading won’t diminish. That means you should continue praying about major decisions for some time to be certain that it is God who is leading you and not your own ideas or emotions. If you don’t have peace in your heart when you pray about a certain direction, then don’t take that direction until you do have peace.

If you receive spectacular guidance, that is fine, but don’t try to “believe” to see a vision or hear an audible voice. God hasn’t promised to lead us by those means (although He does at times according to His sovereign will). We can, however, always trust that He will lead us by the inward witness.

Finally, don’t add to what God says to you. God may reveal to you some ministry He has prepared for you in the future, but you may assume the time of fulfillment is weeks away when it may be years. I know this from experience. Don’t make assumptions. Paul knew a little bit of what his future held but didn’t know everything, because God didn’t reveal everything. God wants us to continue to walk by faith always.