First Words

Forgive Me for Waiting so Long to Tell You This, First Words

I have a confession to make. I’ve been keeping something to myself that was meant to be shared with others. If I didn’t tell you about it, I would be guilty of a terrible sin.

Can you imagine discovering a gold mine in your own backyard? Suppose you were digging a new garden or planting a shrub, and your shovel struck gold-lots of it. No doubt you’d be overjoyed as you envisioned paying off all your debts. Within minutes you’d probably be imagining yourself living in a bigger house and driving a nicer car.

But what if you discovered more gold than you could possibly ever want or need? I’m talking about tons of gold. Now remember, you didn’t earn it. You didn’t deserve it. You were just planting tomatoes.

If you discovered tons of gold in your backyard, you’d probably start thinking about your relatives. You’d contemplate paying off their debts and sending them on vacations to Hawaii. Think of how your mother-in-law would approve.

And if there were enough gold, you’d probably start wondering how you could help your friends and neighbors. Maybe you could put some of their children through college. Or, wouldn’t it be fun to buy everyone on the block a brand new Cadillac?

A few years ago I discovered a wonderful secret, and it changed everything for me. I mean everything. I know other people who know about the secret, and it has revolutionized their lives as well.

This secret was meant to be shared. There is no justification for keeping quiet about it-which is why I’ve written this book.

I’m sure there are others like myself-those who know the secret but have kept it to themselves. They feel guilty, just like me.

One of those people obviously loves you very much-so much that he or she has given you this book, hoping you would come to share in the knowledge that has changed his or her life. I encourage you to read it with that in mind. And please forgive us both for waiting so long to tell you this.

David Servant