The Daniel Ekechukwu Reports

Report #1 Download PDF
David's September, 2002, investigation of the resurrection of Daniel Ekechukwu. Click here to read this report in Spanish.

Report #2 Download PDF
David's October, 2002, follow-up to his first report. In this report, David answers many of the questions he received concerning his first report.

Report #3 Download PDF
David returned to Nigeria in September of 2003 to further investigate. He interviewed the doctor who declared Daniel dead, the mortician who partially embalmed his body, Daniel's father and wife, and very extensively, Daniel himself.

Report #4 Download PDF
This article is a response to skeptical statements and a comparison chart that has been publicly posted at in an attempt to discredit the miraculous story of Daniel Ekechukwu’s resurrection.

Below are professionally produced videos of the Daniel Ekechukwu story.
Raised from the Dead - Part 1

Raised from the Dead - Part 2

Raised from the Dead - Part 3

Raised from the Dead - Part 4


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